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'S.A. Journalists Are Masters Of Negative Issues' 31/10/03
Earlier today we published FullTime editor Clint Roper's views on the World Cup 2010 bid committee. We have had a number of replies, both agreeing and disagreeing with his opinion. Read on to see what the SASoccer365 readers had to say...


I think it is very mischievous of Clinton Roper to highlight all the negative issues as if they were only problems in S.A.

All the African countries that we are competing with have the same problems or worse. In actual fact only a few countries in the world do not have these problems.

It seems to me S.A. journalists are masters of negative issues, always running down their country. In just about every country probably with the exception of England teams play to empty stadia, only a few games are well attended.
Besides from the reasons above, World Cups are a different kettle of fish, even the dormant soccer support will come out.

We witnessed this when England/France and Brazil came here. Also a lot of the teams supporters as well soccer supporters from our neighbouring countries will drive or fly here. So Mr Roper should stop being mischievous.


Henry Thami Manana, Shell & BP Refineries, Durban

Hi Clint Roper and editor

My sentiments exactly. I could not have said, or written on my opinions on this 'grand parade' for the
FIFA inspection committee any better.

What will happen after they leave?

Danny Jordaan, Trevor Phillips and who ever else is running the show on local football should implement these
marketing strategies on a weekly basis, or rather when there are football games, rather than to parade what we can do for only one game and a group of foreigners.

C'mon guys we are behind you all the way but put 110% in all PSL games (especially Cape Town) and not just for the big guns in Joburg.


Basil, Camps Bay

I am responding to an article by Clint Roper 'What If FIFA Came Unannounced'
posted on the 31/10/03.

Firstly Can I ask Clint Roper what is the point of this article? He tells us he was in the last World Cup co-hosted by Korea/Japan and was impressed with the way that tournament was run.

But what he conveniently does not tell us is the way the respective Leagues of these two countries are being run on a day to day basis. Will we find the same kind of organization that he claims was deployed during the World Cup elsewhere in these two countries' soccer affairs?

I would deduct that Roper would say 'yes' to this question because he is making sweeping statements on our (SA) soccer based on the comparisons that he draws with the Korea/Japan World Cup. But how can he conjure this when clearly these two (the World Cup and the daily running of football) are different issues, though related?

Indeed 'What If FIFA Came Unannounced', not only in South Africa, but to all countries that hosted or aspire to host the World Cup?

Floyd Sepanya, London

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