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Ngwerume: 'It Was A Tough Road To Swallows' 18/12/03
With the depth that Moroka Swallows have, it is always important that players who get selected to play by Gavin Hunt deliver. If that happens. One young man who knows that only too well is Zimbabwean striker Alois Ngwerume.

"I am still learning the trade of soccer but one thing that is for sure is your performance always gets you in the team," Ngwerume told SASoccer365.com after he had scored for the Birds against Hellenic on Wednesday.

The 20-year-old Moroka Swallows striker believes that what ever will happen in his life, Hunt will always play a major role for him.

"When I joined Swallows I had not seem Gavin before. I only saw him when I came for trials. For Swallows, I only came to be aware of it because of Adam Ndlovu, who was playing for them.

"When you are young, you always know more about the people who are role models to you than what is around you. For example, you know what minute  he scored a goal and when he came off or when he was injured.

You don't necessary know what minute you score or the games you played in details. So because of what Adam Ndlovu had done before, I came to follow what was happening at Swallows."

Alois had not played in a professional league before he came to Swallows. In fact, he had not played in an organised league at senior level at all.

"I nearly stopped playing soccer altogether, I had played for Caps United in Zimbabwe since I was 13-years-old, until last year, but they still did not believe that I could play in the senior team.

Also last year was going to be my last year playing under-19s for the club and after the under 19s in Zimbabwe, its either you play in the senior team or your career is over."

He went on say about his other reason to give up playing

"I lost my Mother last year and my Father a month after my Mother. I could not believe that my parents were dead, what ever I wanted to do was destroyed. I give up soccer and I was mad with Caps for not signing me.

"After three months I started playing soccer for a social team called Highdon Raylon, this team was made up of players who had once played and they were all above 30. One of the players had seen me playing for the juniors at Caps and knew that I had lost my parents, he started to look after me."

Alois who grew up in one of the poorest townships in Harare, Mbare, so there was no future for him without his parents. He had thought that soccer was going to provide for his life but his dreams appeared to be all destroyed

"It was only by god that this team that I was playing for, which did not ever practice, was also the same that the Zimbabwe under-20 coach played for. Most of the top former Zimbabwean players played for that team.

Nearly all of them stopped playing competitive soccer before I was born. The current Zimbabwe coach, Sunday Marimo, plays for that club, and all the players in the side did not believe that I was not good enough."

Alois also said that he was called to play for his national under-20 team without playing for a team which was associated in any league.

"After the under-20 tournament here I went home, but Ian Gorowa, who is coaching juniors at Ajax Cape Town, arranged for me to come to Swallows for trials and everything is history."

Being young and also in a different country has its own challenges, but Alois said, "When Adam Ndlovu left, Edzai Kasinauyo came to Swallows. Without someone who can relate to where I came from it would have been hard.

Gavin and the Swallows management are always there for me. With Edzai, I take him as my own blood brother. Since I am still young there are things that I can do own my own but I always first go to Edzai or his wife for advice"

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