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Readers' views on new Bafana coach 20/02/04
Shakes Mashaba recently said that he thinks Jomo Sono, Gordon Igesund or Ted Dumitru should become the next Bafana Bafana coach. Read on to find out what the SASoccer365 readers think about this statement.

Shakes is out of his mind!

Shakes is out of his mind. He suggested that the PSL standard of football is par with the rest of Europe. Only a dunderhead can make such a ludicrous assertion.

I think he bases this view on the fact that he got the job. In truth he should not have been a Bafana coach. If he built a strong team we would not have been embarrassed in Tunisia.

He had 18 months to do so and he didn't. This is not withstanding the problems that he faced. There is nothing knew about SAFA being incompetent and making inept decisions.

All the other coaches have had to endure this. Even his record was 12 wins against Madagascar, Mauritius, Burundi, Costa Rica, Swaziland, Malawi, Lesotho.

When we faced tough opponents like Egypt it was because of SAFA that we lost. He huffed and puffed for too long.

Interestingly most people lambast SAFA for dismissing him late. And I agree he should have been fired a long time ago.

My view has always been that if Chiefs, Pirates, Sundowns feel you can't make their grade then by default you can't be a Bafana coach.

Only coaches that have been successful at this clubs can coach Bafana from the PSL. Coaching has become a very sophisticated job.

All the coaches that are successful worldwide have to contend with star players. In all other parts of the world, if a coach can't deal with star players he can't coach the national team.

It is a prerequisite. In an interview before appointed French coach Jacque Santini re-iterated that he thinks he can deal with star players and therefore should be given the coaching job.

I doubt if any of the locally born coaches can deal with star players. Most of them would not even be considered at Chiefs, Sundowns and Pirates for a job.

They lack the sophistication that is needed to lead a Bafana team. Coaches must command respect other than that given to them by the position. Local coaches don't have that.


South African football must bleed through his veins!

Bafana's coach, like the rugby, needs a strong character with a love and passion for the game.

When I say the game I mean the state of South African football must bleed through his veins.

This does not mean a passionate coach with no intellect, but a strong-willed individual ready to stand up against his dictatorial bosses,ie. Safa, but also willing to call on the expertise of individuals who have better knowledge on a certain aspect of the game.

I have always believed that a foreign coach would need time to acclimatize him with our football. Unfortunately, we don't have this time.

Gordon Igesund has the best knowledge of the local scene and will draw on this experience. He would also deal with the overseas players problems as he has been coach of big clubs and personally understands the situation when players have to be released for needless friendlies.

The CEO of PSL, Mr. Trevor Phillips, made a valuable point recently on a radio interview when he said that Bafana does not have any distinctive style of play. He said that "when you think Brazil, you think the samba, when think Germany, u think defensive patterns, etc...

My personal opinion is that it might be different job coaching a club side to a national team as you have more time with the players, but I believe Igesund will at least bring a shape and pattern to the game.

We as South African supporters must come to the harsh reality to stop comparing our players to the masterful Brazilians. As talented as individuals Steve Lekolea and Jabu Pule are, their natural instincts need to enhanced via a game plan. Their creativity need not be stifled, just channeled.

Gordon Igesund is the man for this job!

Zak, Athlone

Ted known for disappearing into thin air

Do I agree with Shakes idea? Partially....look, the guys the he said that can take over the hot seat (national team coach) are ideal.

But we all know that national (local) and international football are different things. The national coach does not have to necessarily come from our local league (PSL).
From the three guys that he sees fit to take the position...Ted is the best. But he has just started with Chiefs and it might be difficult to get him.

Ted is a good tactician an he knows our football style...Chiefs have been playing good and disciplined football.

But this guy (Ted) he quite a character. He is known for disappearing into thin air, leaving his employers wondering and that works against him.
Jomo....what can u say, he is a legend. He holds such respect from the football industry (players and coaches). He can get the players to play for him....which is a plus for him.
He sounds as if he cannot be controlled and directed on how to perform his duties....and SAFA might not wanna go that way. Because they are used to holding their coaches by the throats.
Jomo owns a PSL team and that will crop up now and then concerning the team selection, and the controversies arising from this issues pressured by the media and the public might be too much to handle for the guy who has received more sharp criticism than praise from the public and media.
Gordon....on paper he is arguably the best coach in SA. Three league titles with three different teams and now going for the fourth one with AJAX.

Maybe this is time we offer this guy the ultimate challenge is see what he can really do.
He is young (mid 40's compared to some coaches who are late 50's) and has time to build the team. He's been in SA and knows our soccer structure and players.

He knows and understand the passion that we (soccer fans) have for our National Team.
There's only one problem........he terminated a contract with Pirates due to pressure...can he handle the pressure of the whole SA soccer fans? Is he not going to walk out on us?
Those are the questions that makes me worry (in case he is hired).
To conclude, I'm sure on paper any of these coaches can do well as National coach...the circumstances and character is going to be a big factor.
We don't need coaches from overseas...but that doesn't mean one can't be hired because he is a foreigner...as long as he is good.
Cape Town

Our soccer must not be run like a barber shop!

I personally feel that Jomo, Gordon Igesund and Clive Barker are more suited to higher positions at Safa than to coach. We need their expertise in the management as they have played soccer before.

Most countries who have succeeded at national level are coached by highly qualified coaches and unfortunately these three gentlemen do not have.

During Jomo's time in the ACF and World Cup, I felt he could have gone at least a step up from where he left off if he was qualified.

There were times during the first and the last games where I felt he should have changed his tactics and given someone a run e.g. Steven Pienaar or Jabu Pule at the world cup.

I think there are better suited managers who will make sure that our soccer is not run like a barber shop.



Look to the young coaches

I think Pitso, De Sa or Komphela should be considered for this post considering their age and what they have done at their respective clubs it's nothing short of wonderful.

Also because they're relatively young they have excellent relationships with their players and have earned the respect of most coaches.

Long term contracts should be given to these coaches so they may lead the team successfully to 2008 AFCON and 2010 World Cup.

Themba, P.E

There is nothing "PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN" about Bafana Bafana's record after 1996

Whatever Mashaba says, I for one do not have respect for him because why is it that he thinks only PSL coaches should be given the job.

As a coach he was afraid to have foreign based players in his team because he knew that he is limited in terms of modern
coaching methods, so he wanted someone with the same knowledge as him to coach the national team so that they will also fail.

He is one person who thinks that if someone is playing outside the country then he is a threat to the coach. The game has moved international, so should our game.

If England, who started football, can have a foreign coach, why not South Africa?

There is nothing "PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN" about Bafana Bafana's record after 1996

Zola, Durban

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