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Readers' views on the new coach... 25/03/04
The SASoccer365 readers have been relatively supportive of new Bafana Bafana coach, Stuart Baxter, saying that he should at least be given a chance. Read more on this as well as the continuing Jabu Pule saga...

'Are we building coaches for other countries?'

I think SAFA employees are loosing directions now, how can they employ Mr unknown Baxter who does not even know anything about our soccer?

Lets stop employing someone whom we will be able to control. we need quality coached, not develop unknown coaches, it seems as if we are starting to be coaches trainer.

Are we building coaches for other countries. How on earth we risk with someone who is not nationally experienced.

Most of successful English premier coaches (Wenger, Ferguson, and England coach, etc) are not from England. It seems as if we are good on grooming, this year SAFA has supervised us by hiring  unknown and inexperienced coach (Styles) to bring the cup back to home from Tunisia.

Lets learn from our previous mistakes.

Good luck to Baxter
Avhasei Leonard Ramuhulu

Baxter should be given a chance


Baxter should be given a chance. Probably Safa has made a correct choice. The process of selection has been dodgy though.

One expected that they would have been more transparent and thorough this time.

Safa seems unwilling to learn. If Baxter does not cope we should put the blame on Safas door. How can they have twenty nine candidates and not short list even at least three of them?

Perpetual Optimist

'Lets support the new coach'

Lets all support and have faith in our new coach, Bafana really needed a coach with abundant experience and by the look of things Mr. Baxter is what we needed.

This will also not put extra added pressure on him as he is not known to most South Africans hence he will not be judged by his previous work.

When Carlos first came to SA he was also unknown to us and look where he is now (he is the man and we are the Nigerian's whipping boys).

I hope South Africans won't jump to conclusions and we must all be positive. The guy could easily coach England senior team, lets look at it this way: he is appointed to be Erikson's assistant and suddenly Erikson joins Chelsea and Baxter is given the job to carry on with England.

Then England wins Euro cup 2004 and WC 2006 in Germany under Baxter, then he is known all around the world. All the nations want him and it is then that SA will also want him?

But life doesn't work that way. I wish Mr. Baxter can stay away from back stabbers like Jomo and his co.

Lets give the coach all the support to fulfill his contract. Safa must also recommend Steve Khompela (for assistant position) to Baxter, but he will have to make the final decision.

Bafana to take on Australia with Styles.
Allow me do voice my disappointment at SAFA's resolutions after the AFCON report review. Let us look at three issues raised or that comes up from the meeting.
1.Patrick with prostitute; this indeed is unacceptable behavior, that's if it happened at all. Such issue might have been leaked to the media because it was one of the 'hot' topics.

If that's the case, why waste time on the meeting? One would think that coaches and technical managers have got authority to deal with minor issues.

The main issue is......were did we go wrong as a nation during the AFCON 2004? Did anyone bother to look at the inability of the 'coach' who led the team?

Well, it doesn't look like it at all...The same person is given the chance again to showcase his lack of tactics at the
highest level. Why continue to embarrass the man let alone the nation?

A person with a sensible knowledge of the game could have even appointed Roger (Wits coach) to take the team to London, at least we know that he can 'coach'. But again the lack of SAFA to resolve issues surface again
2. Mbulelo not fit to be captain; Mbulelo and Mokoena were among the few players who gave it all during the AFCON...Not long ago did Mbulelo received praise for his ability to lead...but not anymore.

How can you fire somebody for standing up for what they believe.

SAFA are looking for a captain who will represent them, not the players, and they realize that Mbulelo will not do this.
It's high time SAFA give people positions on merit.
3. Bafana not being paid for their AFCON duties. They 'fire' the captain and don't even pay the players...and they call themselves professionals. Shame on you SAFA. What excuse is there for not paying the employees what's due to them?
That being said, I would like to congratulate SAFA for managing to appoint the coach at last.

Lets hope he will get all the support needed and succeed as a coach. Otherwise the drawing board will collapse since we are so used to going back to it. It's never too late for improvement fault finding missions.
I wish we could spent less time doing the fault finding and finger pointing stuff and use the time and money for better developments.
Cape Town

'Bantam's advisors felt playing for Santos was below him'

Marawaan Bantam would have been on a different level had his father and other ill-informed advisors encouraged him to join up with a pro setup earlier in his career.

Marawaan had an opportunity to play at the age of 17/18 years with Tyrone Arendse and Nasief Morris as youth players at Santos.

Some of his advisors felt this was below him.I am happy that he has come to his senses and put himself in the shop window at Santos.Having had the opportunity to work with him as a schoolboy ,I knew he wold be special.

What a waste of years because of some selfish advisors who were hoping to he would hit a goldmine.Football does not work that way.

I would like to encourage his father to merely enjoy the opportunity his son is having and other things will take care of itself. I doubt very much whether his father would let him go to further his football or increase his pay cheque?

Gavin Manuel

'Grow up Jabu'

Sorry I have nothing against Jabu .I personally think that he will still do the very same thing again.

Even if he slaughters 15 cows he will still misbehave.He is a old enough to blame his ancestors, but that is merely a cover-up.

He is the father children and this shows that he is old enough. GROW UP NTATE!!!!!!!!!!.BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS IT'S YOUR LIFE DO NOT COME AND FOOL US.


Ancestors are not a solution

Ancestors are not a solution to Jabu Pule's problems. Dead people don't have any contribution to make to people who are alive, but God is the solution to this young man's life.

Seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything shall be added unto u.

Stop fooling people about ancestors, because they don't exit.

Signing Out, Mpho

Is Pule using the ancestors as an excuse?

Do you think Jabu will be able to put his troubles behind him this time? One can not say for certain that he (Pule) will be able to put his troubles behind him for good.
Look, the story about angry ancestors...we solely depend on his testimony alone that he is indeed troubled by the ancestors.

Whether that's the problem or not we don't really know. And one needs to be convinced that those who have graced this land (dead ones) can actually communicate with the living.
So, whether Pule is using the ancestor story as an excuse or not we don't really know.
But, what we know is that every single person is responsible for their actions. Whether under any influence of any kind, we remain responsible.

It does not help to perform any ritual if the person is not willing to change and accept that he needs help.
Pule's thinking mentality and attitude towards life will need some "pannelbeating". What happens from here as to his relationship with the people who are willing to offer the much needed help is critical.

Character change is a process...and not an easy one.
The last time this happened almost everybody was convinced that Pule would grow up and not commit such childish behavior, because he was a dad. And what do we have today?
That being said, you are never too old or in too deep to change. But it all starts with him (Pule). Honestly........judging
from the character and circumstances surrounding his situation, it's a long shot.

If what drove him 'crazy' is the fame, money, inability to handle the said two and overall immaturity, I will not be surprised to learn that he has gone AWOL again.

Unless these issues are dealt with and change is brought about there's no reason to believe that he is not going to do it
again, it's the nature of men.

You can not experience change 'for good' if you are still walking on the same path of 'destruction'.
I do hope and pray that Pule changes for good, for he is indeed an asset to the nation.
Cape Town

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