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Readers' views on Ted and Gordon.. 02/04/04
Check out what the SASoccer365 readers have to say with regards to the war of words that has been going on between Chiefs coach Ted Dumitru and Gordon Igesund, the Ajax Cape Town manager, this week...

May football be the winner tomorrow!

Dear Editor

I've noted the way the issue of Coach Ted and Coach Igesund has been simmering for quite some time. As a football fan (Swallows supporter) I can't help but notice the "impartial manner of your reportings"

In your Breaking News story about how Gordon feels insulted by Ted, you correctly indicate all the wrong things and the "holier than thou" attitude of Ted as compared to the squeaky clean image of Mr.Gordon Igesund.

Is it not the same Gordon who had developed the reputation of breaking his contracts with other teams? A certain Cape Town team took him to court, remember?

The same Gordon who before the recent league game against Chiefs said that Chiefs are only playing the long ball ? The same Gordon who says that he knows Chiefs weaknesses but will not disclose them?

Your silence was very loud during the build up to the Coca-Cola semifinal between Chiefs and Wits when Mr De Sa was having a ball attacking all and sundry at Chiefs through the media.}

If a team has a weakness, this reflect on the disability of the coach to correctly coach a team and his lack of tactical acumen. This is directed to the coach and therefore personal, right?

Ted has chosen to come out clear about the "shortfalls" of Ajax (read Gordon) instead of just saying that Ajax has some weaknesses that they will exploit during the game.

Let's  add another spin to this issue. Don't you think as an experienced coach, Gordon must be able to detect that Ted is trying to discourage him from using a system that has worked successfully for his teams for all the time?

It is no secret that Gordon prefers effective attacking football to entertaining slow-build up football.This has worked for him before ( read 3 League titles). Chiefs do struggle against set-pieces.

They conceded most goals from set piece situations and realizing that Paulse is threat in that aspect they try to discourage Gordon from employing tactics that they are uncomfortable with in trying to prove that "they can match Chiefs pound for pound" playing carpet football, which Chiefs are very comfortable playing against.

What has me hot under the collar is manner in which you have chosen to take Gordon's side on this issue by digging all the mud you could get against Ted and portraying him as villain and conveniently forgetting to identify the positives

(League titles and Cups, producing and teaching coaches - Cavan Johnson is one of them and producing talented players) that he had contributed to football in this country. I'm not saying in no way that this dirt should not be stuck on him but all we are asking for as football fanatics is for editors to try and give a balanced report of issues at hand.

Impartial reporting generates a particular reaction from readers and that perception might be difficult to shed.

These gentleman are old enough to fight their own tactical battles without getting personal. If Gordon feels that the tactics used by Ajax reflect his person/personality then he should know that he is in for a lot of criticism.

As a coach he should know that criticisms is part of the game and he should know how to divorce himself from work.

Hopefully the brouhaha created by another coach going for the jugular and openly criticising the other coaches' methods and the other coach taking refuge behind the media and behaving like this is a personal attack than an attack on his methodologies will create a good spectacle.

Good Luck in you efforts to bring the going ons' of football to the people.

May football be the winner tomorrow!


Mr.Maurice Maubane

'Don't let success dictate your imagination.'

Dear Editor

Re: Master Ted's Comments on issues

I almost concur with Mr Igesund comments with regard to the way Master Ted sometimes goes overboard with his perceptions about SA football.

I'm an ardent supporter of Master Ted's soccer philosophy, but once again would like to remind him that he should rather concentrate on what he knows best i.e. coaching.

It has sort of become a culture for him to continue attacking everyone at will, including the mother body (SAFA).

Just words of advice Master Ted, despite riding the crest of the wave at the present moment, don't let success
dictate your imagination.

Let Soccer always be the winner

Concerned South African Football Follower

Let's work together in the betterment of our game

Once again there is a difference between a report and opinion and about the this topic of Igesund Unhappy with Dumitru's Behaviour, I feel what is written here is not a report, but the personal opinions of the reporter himself
I strongly condemn this. For someone to show off his personal opinion by using this platform pretending as if he is reporting, where as he is lambasting on the same individual
Ted was asked how does he feel about the Ajax game and he what he said are his views. It is a well known fact that Ajax are a one dimensional team like Santos, they play long balls to their striker Nathan Paulse and we all know that.

Not that we have anything against them, but that's the way they play and that's the way Gordon Igesund coaches which is one of the reasons which led to his departure @ Pirates - because his game is boring and Pirates fans love entertaining soccer.
I think the issue here is that we mustn't look at who's saying what, but what is he saying, We all know that it was not concussive for Kaizer Chiefs to be left with so many games.
Lastly please let's work together in the betterment of our game
PS: Ajax is a one dimensional team Period: A Long ball to Nathan Paulse. That's the way Gordon plays and that's the way he wins and that is chasing us away from Stadiums

We will beat the arrogant Chiefs on Saturday

Ted Dumitru has gone too far this week. He always has something to say about South African soccer - mostly negative, and now he is attacking our coach as well.

How can he say that we rely on playing the ball to Paulse all the time? Paulse has not even been a regular in the team this season, and you can see that our goals have been scored by players all over the field.

Our coach - Gordon, whose record speaks for itself, prefers to do his talking on the field and we will see that tomorrow when he end Amakhosi's cup dreams.

After doing this we will go on to destroy their league title hopes as well, watch this space!

Up the Urban Warriors!!

Elsies River

Master Ted is not a cry baby

Dear Ed
Master Ted is simply speaking out his mind. I think S A soccer society is too sensitive. When one says something right they complain.

Dumitru is one of the best coaches in S A. He won the double twice with Sundowns. At that time 'Downs played very attractive soccer, though not a 'Downs supporter I used to watch them a lot.

Now he is at Chiefs, when was the last time Chiefs played attractive soccer?

The issue of strikers not scoring regularly is not unique to Chiefs. All the teams are experiencing the same. But at Chiefs, if you look at their games, they do not rely on what the soccer society calls a target man.

All their attacking players can score on a given day, I mean Shoes, Stiga, Dlamini, Khanye and Mendu recently.

Look Chiefs play a very scientific kind of soccer. You always enjoy watching them. Unlike Ajax Of which I pay lot of respect to their coach who was the first coach in SA to win the Premiership and went on to win again with two different teams, but Chiefs is not one dimensional.

Chiefs surprised "Downs recently in ABSA cup by introducing Junior instead of Jabu who" Downs had planned around.

Master Ted is not a cry baby. The media sometimes lack knowledge about some soccer technicalities. Instead of informing us the media always will have something funny to tell us about the players just to get us to buy.

Go on Master, teach us. We are vulnerable we need your input

'Professor in Complain Theology'

I have a great respect for Ted as a coach, but lately or since he joined Chiefs he has acted like a King with his sword cutting those he wishes at will. His behavior of late is very much unwelcome.

Maybe his self confessed title should be changed to Professor in Complain Theology.
His attack on his fellow professional (Gordon) is a sign that pressure is building and he is starting to loose focus. He probably feels that Gordon shouldn't be doing well and challenging the league title cause he (Ted) is the only coach good enough to win the league.
We understand that politics is inevitable in organizations, but it doesn't mean that one should start being arrogant and use the political tactics in an unworthy manner.

Is the pressure and word fighting frenzy in politics getting to Ted as to our governing politicians due to elections?
As that wasn't good enough Ted continues to insult our society. Yes it is a fact that there are flaws in our
society, so it is in every society.

In every society there are bad and good 'models'. Pule wasn't insane and his will was not overridden by circumstances carrying a death sentence, he still had an option of choosing to do it or not.
We are not living in paradise nor heaven - bad and good influences will always prevail and to start turning the blame on the fact that they prevail is rather foolish and doesn't help much.
I don't deny the fact that growing up in the township is not easy. With all the pressure to do all the bad stuff to be considered cool.

But the reality is that it's happening every where. Growing up poor doesn't mean that when you become rich you'll have to change from good to bad, it should actually be the other way around.
If our society is not good enough Ted must pack and go back home. I'm sure he comes from heaven where everything is perfect

Maybe that's why he is perfect. Ted can't lose..well he is not supposed to lose, because perfect people don't make a mistake or lose.

Well, Mr Professor in Complaint Theology, this is planet earth full of imperfections - you better get used to that. And even though Chiefs means Amakhosi, it doesn't mean you "Ted" are yes and amen of our football.
Lastly I wish Pule well on the road of recovery
Cape Town

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