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'Chiefs are not going to win the league' 13/05/04
Reader's letters on whether or not Chiefs will win the league, a call to pay Ace Ntsoelengoe his dues and a challenge to soccer development in this country to produce quality strikers.

'Chiefs are not going to win the league'

Will Amakhosi still win the league? There are six teams, including Chiefs, who technically still stand a chance to win the league.
I think Chiefs will like to trim that figure down to two or one, thus the next three games are gonna be very critical.
A draw in their next two games is likely and that will put a whole lot more pressure on Chiefs, obviously how Ajax plays their next two games will also play a big role.
Looking at the previous performances Chiefs can still win the league, But I don't  think they will win the league.
If they are to win the league, then they will have to pull up their socks - Zulu Royals are fighting relegation and to them is as important as wining the league. So, Chiefs are not gonna have it easy.
Swallows don't really have anything to play for, besides their pride and log position. I mean they don't stand a chance to win the league and have cemented their top 8 position.

Gavin Hunt might want to save some players for the ABSA Cup final, cause that's very important to them.
But, again, Pisto fielded a second string team, and they went out to destroy Chiefs, the same might happen when Chiefs play Swallows.
Chiefs is the only team with a big chance to win the league, but I'll put my head on the block and say: they are not going to win the league.
Pirates and Ajax opened the doors for other teams to realize that Chiefs can be beaten, that  it's not impossible to break their defense.
Again, I got a feeling that Chiefs are not gonna win the league - I know the odds are against that statement.

Give Ace his due

I don't know why the self-promoting and egoistic Jomo Sono always manages to get recognition over the much more talented and very down to earth Ace Ntsoelengoe.

This man (Ace) is a soccer legend!!! It puzzles the crap out of me why the corrupt south African soccer establishment is trying to rewrite the soccer history books.

No one is denying Jomo his place as one of the top soccer geniuses South Africa has ever produced. But to constantly pretend he was better Ace is utter rubbish.

From the word go, Jomo has always been out to self-aggrandize. I mean the man even gave himself the such bombastic nicknames as the "Black Prince of Soccer" ,the "Soccer Prince of Soweto"; the list goes on and on.

I don't dispute that Jomo has done well for himself in the business realm. There is a feeling that Ace is being punished for being less overzealous and for being a non-materialistic and down-to-earth being that he is.

It's time that the corrupt South African soccer powers-that-be ate humble pie and give "The Ace" the props he is due. They must come to grips of the legend in their midst.

I know they are afraid of how Jomo will handle sharing with, or may be ceding, the limelight to this "Randfontein farm boy" as "The Black Prince cum God of Soccer" once, himself, dubbed Ntsoelengoe.

Thabang Barnabas Khoho
Kansas City, Missouri USA

Where have all the quality strikers gone?

Dear Editor

I've been pondering on this issue for quite sometime. It is a concern that is probably worrying each and every coach in the country (with the exception of some).

One fails to understand, why as a country we are failing to produce top marksman in the mould of Marks "Go-man-Go" Maponyane, Phil "Chippa" Masinga, Shane Macgregor, Basil Steenkamp just to mention a few.

It is so surprising that at this stage of the league race, our top marksman has just managed 13 goals.

Are we to relate it to the competitiveness of the game? Have we adopt the total football mentality? Some where down the line lies the answer.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to acknowledge the fact that as a country we have ample development schools but that seems a far reality in solving our goalscoring problems.

As a summation, we seem to have adopted European style of running our soccer which could be detrimental to our game. Where have all the scouts gone?

There is an abundance of talent plying their trade in the lower divisions and amateur ranks who in my opinion some of them are equally if not above some present PSL players.

This is a challenge to all Soccer Development Schools, please produce players that suit the style of South African Soccer.

Best Regards
Maponya Tjatji

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