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Should 'Tso' be allowed to play? 17/06/04
Reader's letters on what action, if any, should be taken against Bennedict Vilakazi - some say he should be banned with immediate effect, while others say that he should be able to play until proven guilty....

The Bennedict Vilakazi issue

There are a couple of points concerning our football that I feel I need to comment on.
Firstly, the Tso Vilakazi age issue. Once again I lay the blame squarely at SAFA's door.

When Seuntjie Motlhajwa first confessed that he was an age cheat (in 2000), he made a startling allegation that over 50% of the then National Under 20 team was made up of age cheats and Tso was in that team.

Granted that this is mainly a Home Affairs issue, but SAFA should still have instituted an investigation into this issue by checking primary school records of all the players.

But then again ,hiding the dirt under the carpet is all that those old horses are capable of doing (okay, besides chowing money and backstabbing each other).

In '98 we had a Technikon student representing RSA in an under 14 tournament, Seuntji Mothlajwa came out, Mzizi came out ,allegations against Lekoelea and Mohlala, at least 4 players from last years Danone u-12 team are said to be over aged.

So what are we waiting for because it is clear that the only reason that Shoes is still shining,with all respect, is because in all honesty he is playing against his peers who are disguised as 21 year olds.
My second point is Baxter's team selection. This guy seems to believe that everything that comes from UK is better than what is here at home.

I haven't seen this Arber guy play but he surely isn't a Roberto Carlos if he is playing in the second division.

The aim of any national team is to challenge and beat overrated national teams like England but we are not going to beat them using players from their amateur leagues. Baxter has really insulted South Africans.
Lastly .Abobani Abangathinta Amakhosi.Khosi 4 life. Champs for life.

Andile Zwane

Hi Editor,

I don't know what is happening in S.A football. Now Vilakazi's age issue is out again after he represented Bafana in WC qualifying game.

I am just confused because I dont know how this will affect the game between Islanders and Bafana. I think it will be wise for the coach to drop Vilakazi until this issue is been resolved.

Zola Citwayo

More Jabu problems for Amakhosi

After ridding themselves of Jabu Pules endless antics, and happy to see his back on his way to ply his trade in Austria, Chiefs are now faced with the mammoth task of handling Jabu Mendu.

It seems Chiefs will find the latter Jabu too hot to handle as he is known his short fuse and boiling temperament. A friendly word of advice to Chiefs Management, give the boy the boot before it is too late.

Abby - Orchards

We have been awaiting for this dilemma for such a long time but it never happen. Every thing is got time. now is the time for those bad people to face the music. What will shock me if players are also involved in this saga. We paying our money to watch the game at the stadium not bribed games


I think they should involve him cos of him being a good player and of being a good player maker in the middle of the park,

Having said that I think regarding the  issue that's surrounding the world of soccer this days, proper channels should be followed in investigating this issue and who's so ever will be responsible for doing such an investigation should also make sure that the player wont be affected and affect his style of play


It will be  for Baxter to take a big chance, such a thing can put any person off. At the same time if he fills Tso can still play I see no problem, Tso is a good player no matter how old he is.

Vusi Mkhize(Chiefs Fan)

What do you think of the matter? Should 'Tso' be involved in this weekend's World Cup qualifier against Ghana?
It is very disturbing to hear of such bad things about exciting and discipline player like Tso.
I'm sure everyone concerned have been trying to confirm with the player about the media reports. And everybody involve in the National Team is aware of the situation.

If I was the coach I would first speak with the player and even ask him to get an 'avidafit' to confirm or clear himself.
It will be safer not to play him, but right now he is on top of the game. His influence is critical on Sunday against Ghana.

We need somebody like him, I mean Steven Pienaar is a very talented player, but he is a play-maker, Tso is an all rounder.
If it's true that he used a false identity - he should be punished ALONE, unless those who used him knew that he was using a false identity,then they should be punished too.
The one thing that troubles me is that....after so long using the wrong ID....nobody came out to point it out, not even his relatives,
friends nor his alleged younger brother.
I mean, what about those who knows his brother....were they not aware of that. Or maybe we are just living in a time were nobody bothers anymore.
It's difficult to leave somebody like Tso on the bench.....but I think this weekend we must bench him....let's think with our
heads not our hearts....in this situation.
Cape Town

Hi Editor,

No, Tso shouldn't be allowed to represent SA this coming Sunday as his issue is been around for a very long period and no one wanted to listen when it first came out.

We cannot afford to get points deducted because of this obvious matter that the  boy is not young as he claims. Fifa and Safa must make an example of him to the young and up coming players that age cheating is not allowed at all. A five year ban from international and club football will do for me.

Thanks & regards

Doc Baloyi

Tso should play, for one good reason. A man is innocent un till proven guilty.

Thank you.

Once a Pirate, always a Tso.

Tso should probably be left out to safeguard against jeopardizing SA progress in both WC and ACN qualification. If found guilty of an offense of this gross magnitude, FIFA might be agitated to take stern action against, not only the player but also the country.

SA can be pardoned for using the player against Cape Verde under the pretext that nobody knew about this issue but against Ghana, it is a different story. Love , Peace and FIFA fair play.

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