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More reader's views on Vilakazi 17/06/04
SASoccer365 reader's e-mails regarding the Bennedict 'Tso' Vilakazi age issue have been pouring in this morning...

Dear Editor
I believe as a footballer Vilakazi should be left to play for the National Team, cause for now what we hear from people is not yet confirmed.

What happens if the allegations that are being said are all lies, and we as a nation said that he mustn't place for the National Team against Ghana.

I say Vilakazi should play and everything will get sorted out as soon as he's back in the country, and journalist should stop harassing people as they do.

I know that is what they do for a living to feed their families, but is it worth it to ruin somebody's career.

If it is true that Vilakazi is not old as he claims to be then I believe that he should be banned, for a certain period of time by FIFA.
Adam Damons

If Vilakazi or any person is found guilty of using false identity they should be banned out of soccer for life and spend time in jail for fraud.

This is not good for our soccer and it's not going to work for us as a sporting nation focusing on the 2010 soccer world-cup and other sporting events all over the world we're involved in.

It will also serve as a lesson to the up-and-coming, that fraud is not good at all and hence the penalty is heavy. if "tso" and others are on the wrong side of the law...please they should be thrown out and I'm curious to see what's going to happen to them..cause in SA sometimes it depends who you are and if u're well known it happens "LAW OVER-SEES YOU  cause u're Mr Whoever .   

Phuti Mokwele

Its very risky, Tso is good player but the country is more important and should rest him until the matter is resolved we might end up losing some points if he found guilty.

But many people have commented on this issue, everyone in Soweto knows that Tso has been playing soccer for some time and yes there has been talks about his age.

But since he has disciplined player on & off the field we all fell in love with him & trusted him.I just hope he not @ fault and as for that girl, I wonder who is gonna pay her bills if Tso looses his Job if found guilty and what will happen to that child when he grows up & hears that her mother played a big in his fathers downfall.

SA must not call him, the should make intensive investigation to all the players who are playing for SA.

It's not just Vilakazi who is guilty,but a lot of people are involved in this scandal.

Do you think, his parents, brothers, sisters , teachers, friends and neighbours don't know this.

If home affairs issued him with the wrong identity document,why it took him so long to rectify this?

Where is the application he signed by the time he applied for an ID?



I think Tso or Bongani whatever he is called , shouldnt be involved this week.


Dear Editor

Pirates is not right to keep quiet about the issue. They have no excuse as they are equally guilty. Surely, as a big team they can easily pick up these misdemeanors.

It has been public speculation among soccer followers in Internet discussion forums that Tso was probably much older than he claimed to be.

It is not clear as to why such a talented footballer would lie about his age and identity. Could it be that Pirates wanted to prolong his soccer 'life'?

How can anybody hope to hide an identity of such a high profile player? Are we going to see the end of a good player. I sincerely hope not. Let the truth be spoken once and for all so that this player can continue with soccer.

Soccer Lover

Good Morning Editor!

I am an ardent supporter of Orlando Pirates and would like us to reserve our comments about the issue un till the player returns from national duties.

I am not speaking in defence of the player but let us be fair as the player has not yet been afforded the platform to comment on issue.

Therefore let us not find him guilty by what we read from the media and this matter was raised before concerning Steve Lekoelea's age and the investigation revealed that there was no foul play.


The Editor
I would like to comment in relation with the Vilakazi story, this is sad for South African football and it also dents the image of the country thus I think it would be fair for the coach and to the player himself that he be excused for the game against Ghana, since i would believe his mentality is not in good shape at the moment.
If this allegations prove to be true, I would advise the committee responsible to send a message to all cheats out there by suspending the player, this would do our country a lot of good taking into consideration the hosting of the 2010 World Cup.
Thank You
Themba Dladla

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