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'I think we need a total overhaul' 21/06/04
SASoccer365 reader's letters on Bafana Bafana's under-par performance against Ghana on Sunday, the best newcomer to the PSL and Jabu Pule's move to Austria side SV Mattersburg.

The Ghana Fiasco

Sometimes, it is an honorable thing to admit our limitations. If one were to take the two games that bafana has played under Baxter, one starts to get this uneasiness about the direction the team is taking.

It has to be noted that Bafana  Bafana was very lucky to get a win against the Cape Verde.One only needs to take into account their Fifa rating and a clearer picture suddenly emerges.Given our display on the day, a draw would have been a fair result.

The bottom line is that the team is sliding and badly so. On the evidence of the past two games , I doubt that Baxter, with due respect to his credentials, is the person to bring back the glory days.

I know it is early days still to make this call, however do we need to start pressing the panic buttons when there is three qualifying games left and a lot depends on the outcome of our other opponents.

I have always maintained that with any team that gets relegated anywhere in the world the problem could be identifies as early as the third round.

With all his experience, I personally have not witnessed any thing impressive from this team. One would even argue that Mashaba with all his documented shortcomings could have produced better results.

May I also add that Steven Pienaar has also been a disappointment is in a Bafana shirt.Throughout the game, I personally witnessed a playmaker in him for probably a 5 to 10 minute phase. Otherwise he was completely dead.

Mr Editor, may we please open up this debate before it is too late.

Thulo Mogotsi

I think we need a total overhaul in our team


I think we need a total overhaul in our team, assistant coach and Team manager. To air out my views, I have listed each and every player and my analysis. Josephs - He is inexperienced and will be better benched next time. He still needs to either play only at home or less profiled opposition.

Morris - A lot was expected and he failed dismally to deal with the pace and the skill possessed by the Ghanaians forward. Him and Fish were guilty in the two second half goals.

Lekgetho - He tried hard but found the going very tough. He is a bit too slow for the quick players.

Mokoena - was lost for entire game. He battle with then big Ghanaians strikers. They were pushing him too easy. Needs to be slightly robust at this level.

Fish - The big fish was badly exposed. A huge disappointment at the back for us considering his experience at high level. He did not make his presence felt and was also guilty of pulling out in the tackles. He might even be benched so that he picks up his game.

Mabizela - was exposed for pace and possible the coach needs to consider playing him at the back. Does not have the necessary skill to distribute the ball in the middle of the park and also stamp his authority. Did not even win any tackles in the park.

Mhlongo - What a wasted opportunity and the space in the team. What was Mhlongo doing in the right wing position only God knows. The less said the better and they are players that are not national team material and I am afraid Mhlongo is one of them. Was completely exposed for everything.

Pienaar - Seem to be still battling with injury. Only started applying once Van Heereden was introduced. Showed a glimpse of brilliance here and there but he will require better support from his team mate for us to see his best.

Buckley - Personally I feel the national team has drained all the football brains for the young man and there is nothing left from him. I do not for how long he needs to demonstrate that he is finished or maybe lost interest. Its surprising because he still shows up for call-ups.

Nomvete - was tightly marked and he drifted away from the front line. Also, I think he has lost interest and he needs to recharge his battery. for a long time he has been performing below his standards that he personally set.

George - Over and over again, the man has shown that he is not a national team material.
SOLUTION : - We need players who are still hungry. That Ghanaian team can play with one of the top five teams in South Africa and will be embarrassed.

I think we need players who have skill and pace and a South African flair. Please use most of our local players who are not scared of taking players on.

Maybe alternate Josephs and Fernandes. DEFENCE : Spencer, Mabizela, Mokoena, Nzama, Phil Evans, Mkhonza, Brett Evans MIDFIELD Clement Mazibuko, Alfred Phiri, Moriri, Khanye, Lebo Mokoena, Pienaar, Zuma, Sapula, Mendu, Van Heerden, Lance Davids,

Strikers : Glen Salmon, Tyrone Arendse, Mabhuti Khanyeza, Nomvete, Tso, Nathan Paulse,
I also do not understand the logic of using Styles as assistant coach. The man is about to retire. Why don't we use someone younger and groom him for the post of the head coach. he might even assist with his opinion. Styles must just retire

My advise to the National coach.
Do not take players from teams and play them in different positions then expect them to perform, If you pick someone use them in their right position.

We did not have attacking wingers & the spirit of the national team is not the one of hunger. Look face it Fish is out, so lets not waste our time we need to build team right now ,

Buckley is too much of an individual player, how many time have u ever seen him raising his head when he has ball. Old John was too defensive hence Pienaar could not even have time to create chances for his strikers , he was always chasing the ball.

Benson is not a winger at all and he was also too defensive.So I do not understand why Baxter
said he plan was to attack from go.

The Bottom line is we player who will fight for their country and the Boks truly showed us how its done fight till the end.

Bafana Vs The Pitch

Editor, I have a problem with many of this African countries participating in international soccer.

The conditions in which our players are playing in are so bad. is there some FIFA inspection or CAF or who-ever to actually evaluate the stadiums to be played at?

I mean is that the best stadium in Ghana for international soccer? is there a soccer federation in Ghana?

If u have their e-mail please send it to me or even FIFA's. and as well I think from now on there should be some stadium inspection and if the ground is not playable, the venue should be given the other country.

I mean this thing of that some African countries are poor is k*k cause who's got money?

And many of the African leaders are staying in nice houses and hotels, travel the world and waste money on a lot of things.

This is not fair cause clubs/countries take time, effort and money to prepare for the games and to only lose cause the pitch was not playable is not acceptable. AFRICAN COUNTRIES MUST WAKE-UP, SPEND MONEY AND RESOURCES PROPERLY AND STOP WINNING THE UNFAIR WAY AND GENERALLY CHANGE THE WAY THEY DO A LOT OF THINGS.

Phuti Mokwele     

If Ted Dumitru "is ahead of our times" (Saturday Star's astounding story) what's Baxter doing in SA ????
M. Themba

Will 'JJ' be able to resurrect his career away from South Africa?
It very difficult to say where his career is going. Pule doesn't have or is not in a 'career crisis'.
Pule has a problem as a person, and it is the same person he is taking to overseas.
Change is good and vital, but if JJ is not willing to deal with the past effectively, it will haunt till he gets to the
grave - that's what addictive habits do.
Michael Owen gambles, Maradonna is a bloated drug tank - who would have thought of such things to happen?
Pule's move will help him to make more money and improve his game. But when it comes to the
character................it doesn't who you are and where you run to, you still need to make a conscious decision to change.
If his character is not gonna change, well, more money and a little a bit of fame can and will actually ruin his life - not just his career life......but the entire life.
If JJ believes that being under Mushin will help him to become a better person......well good.......at least that's a start. By trying to impress somebody you like while it helps you.- who can complain.
Good luck to JJ....I hope he succeed and become a role model of our society.
Cape Town

To me Junior Khanye deserves the award. (Best newcomer) He is the type of talent that is rarely find  in this country.

He also possess a lightning pace which leaves defenders on the floor (ask Warren Lewis, Abednigo Netshiwozi).

He is also a good crosser of the ball. At his tender age he can develop to be a real Bafana Star after Doctor Khumalo

One would also have thought that Derrick Spencer has done tremendously well to be included in this line up. I personally believe that this boy is something special. His composure and confidence on the ball is definitely  superior.  Add to this the fact that he is equally comfortable at the centre of defense and also in the middle of the park.

There are certain aspects of the game that he needs to work on, but on the basis of the games he has featured in, one would rate him in the same category as the esteemed team above.

Bevan Fransman did also not disappoint. One would also contend that he has in a way forced himself to the league of the best new comers of the season.

There is also this 22 year old from Dynamos (David Mathebula) who is rumoured to be joining Golden Arrows. He plays as a middle fielder and has dreadlocks. Personally one could contend that these three deserve the accolade as well

The soccer fraternity should also be on the look out for the Wits duo of  Patrick Mtawali and Reagan Noble. I have a feeling that one of these two will set the league alight.


Thulo Mogotsi

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