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Latest SASoccer365 reader's views... 06/07/04
The SASoccer365 reader's give their views on the Benedict Vilakazi age issue, the comings and goings at Sundowns and Stanton Fredericks' possible Russian move...

Just let Vilakazi play


Let Pirates and Vilakazi just talk the truth so that the Guy must just play his football.

If he admits what he has done that so that he was able to play in junior divisions to get exposure it will be fine and it will be a closed chapter,

He knows he is not the only who did it. Most provinces have being doing it all these years I have seen at schools During the milk cups and the Kentucky cups, teachers play for their schools just because the were small in body.

My plea to Tso is : "my chief just admit and enjoy your soccer if you keep on denying the facts your name will appear every day every weekend on the media and it will destroy emotionally and will affect your performance"

Bafana have done what is required of them but are a long way from being a force again.

There were many good points about the game and the team on Saturday. Lets rather start with the bad points.

At international level any team that plays for one half will not survive. The same problem of playing during the first 45 minutes and die during the second is still with the team despite a new coach and relatively new players. The coach should do something about the team as they need to keep 'structure' for 90 minutes as opposed to 45. 

As the Euro 2004 has shown us, you can't just give possession away cheaply. Even Greece for all their boring tactics keep the ball. The central midfield possession is very key to this.

Just as much as Sibaya wins it, he gives it away. Do that against the same Burkinabe team away from home, you will be punished.

Unfortunately there is no obvious choice for this position. Generally we produce good players but not very good players at all positions on the field. We need a ball winner who is comfortable on the ball and has vision. It is not easy to find a player who has all these qualities. Perhaps we should think about creating one.

The coach seems to be very weary of substituting. I heard him saying that they lost 'structure'. Sometimes you must substitute to restore the structure. Japhet Zwane has done little better than Delron Buckley. Perhaps the only good thing is that Buckley will work harder to retain his place. 

I think the Burkinabe forward gave us problems and I am worried about the return game. He has strength and pace which troubles both Mokoena and Mabizela. Clearly Hans Vonk must play all away games.

However, taking into consideration that these games were played off-season, I think we will see even a better team in September.

The inter-play between the midfield and strikers was excellent in the first half. We created clear chances although Benni seemed off. Bartlett should have scored more goals.

Interestingly he scored the difficult chance than the easy one. With Zuma on the right, Pienaar in the centre, the team will have more balance. We need more options on the left. (I agree - how about Thando Mngomeni or Dillon Sheppard? - Editor)

Nothing worries an opposition team than a team that attacks with the same vigour on both wings. The right was alive
but the left was dull.


Dear Editor

I am doubtful that Vilakazi has to prove anything to you, or any writer for that matter. If you have anything against any documents as provided to SAFA or Pirates, you need to provide your evidence in the contrary. 

The same applies if you have more evidence - show it to the public, or you keep quite. The old rule says 'who ever alleges must prove'.

That Pirates or SAFA must do not let this issue is absurd to the extreme! There are rules within SAFA that pertain players registration, and if that organisation is happy, I do not see what is a fuss.

Pirates and SAFA has nothing against the players' registration, and they have nothing absolutely to investigate.


I really couldn't care less, the fact of the matter is he is one of the best soccer players so why do people want to destroy him over his identity. It doesn't make sense.


It was a bit suspicious for him to get married at such a "tender" age!


The editor

Pirates is not accusing anyone of anything, thus no need to investigate anything.

If the Sunday Sun has proof they should take it to the cops and charge Vilakazi with fraud, simple. This to me looks like the typical smearing of peoples good names without putting the supposed evidence to the test in a court.

Soccer365 should say nothing about issue until they investigate (spend their money) the issue themselves, Pirates does not have to do anything, the age of Vilakazi does not affect Pirates at all.


Thami - Durban

I think now is the right time for the powers that be in SA football to deal with the root cause of age cheating coz I believe there are a whole lot of cases similar to this.

Let us use Tsos case as a starting point for us to clean our soccer

NB: Parents start being involved coz teachers (sports parents) are changing our ages in order to benefit the schools in
Sporting activities and the results thereof is Tsos case!

Let us stand up and do something instead of persecuting victims!

Kind regards

Goitsemodimo S Sogo

Iam very disturbed by the manner in which this whole Vilakazi issue is handled. First of all when this young man joined Pirates he just wanted to play soccer which is what he is doing now.

As to who decided to lie about his age Pirates are not to blame because when Pirates recruited him, he was part of the under seventeen team that went to Peru with Madibane high.

Maybe some questions need to be asked from Madibane as to why they included Tso in an under seventeen team if he was not that age.

So people must stop Blaming Orlando Pirates about Tso`s real age and ask Madibane why the included Vilakazi in the team that went to Peru.
Thank you so much.
Mzwakhe, Diepkloof

I find it extremely annoying that the media insists on having evidence and still play it in the 'media'. Yes it is good business when you have juicy stories in the paper.

But I thought the idea of publish the story was to rid of any corruption in our soccer than to create a whirlwind.
Is it Pirates' job to hire detectives or other personnel to dive into verifying every players identities? If Pirates don't think otherwise and are happy with the documents provided by the players, what else do they have to do?

If the Home Affairs aren't doing their duties efficiently...it's their problem to solve...not Pirate's.
If Sunday Sun or anybody out there, have got enough evidence to prove that Vilakazi has been using the wrong ID......just come out.

We have seen it with Zuma v/s Ngcuka debacle, some of the journo's insisted that they have got evidence, only to bring shame and dark cloud over the media industry.
I just hope it's not the same here. I can't Tso is not cheating or not cause I have no idea who he was before he came to the lime-light.
I hope who have has the evidence come out and help clean up, if there's any cleaning up needed. It's time to lay the matter to rest.
Cape Town

Dear Editor

I once read an essay about some type of a sea bird. The writer was describing the feeding frenzy of these birds when sardines are plentiful.

According to him these birds would hover in the sky and swoop suddenly into the water to catch fish. They would then rise and fly in unison. Once in the sky, they would vomit their dead prey. They would continue doing this for the whole day until the sardines were fewer or thoroughly decimated.

The behaviour of our 'big' teams has reminded me of this story. They have tons of cash and players are as plentiful as sardines in the water in season.

Every season these wealthy people swoop on players ahead of poorer teams. The new players are often paraded as the best breed of cattle in the market.

Soon, these rich people, almost in unison drop these players. It is for this reason that I think that soccer players should be represented by strong lawyers in these deals and they should be well paid.

Players that are now being 'vomited' are truly not bad players. They are only victims of this mad sport called soccer and he desire for instant success.

Gcina Sithole

More on the Sundowns signings

Too much spice spoils the food.

Sundowns will not be ready to challenge for the championship this coming season. They will have too many new players who will be battling to gel as a unit. I foresee the similar problem they had during Oscar Fullone era. Oscar battled to neat them as a unit to be a winning combination.

Make no mistake they have signed some good players. Off the seven players they have signed four are classy players who will help them end at the respectable position and probably win a trophy this coming season the likes of Brian Baloyi, Josta Dladla, Surprise Moriri and Neil Winstanley

If there are teams who stand a good chance to challenge for the Championship I think Supersport United stand a good chance if they are not going to be fatigued by playing in the African champions' league. The other team will be Ajax Cape Town on condition they keep their DRC contingency and for Orlando Pirates it will depend on the person they appoint as the head coach.

I hope Patrice Motsepe will keep Paul Dolezar for a longer period even if he doesn't win a silverware. I wish them goodluck Kaizer Chiefs and Pirates need a stronger Sundowns

Kindiza Ngubeni

Sundowns' new signings

To Sundowns' new signings it is like they were just singing every player who was available/out of contract with his club, why I  say this is because I did not see any need for Brian Baloyi because they had enough goalkeepers.

Raymond Seneo was not happy with what the Birds were offering him Downs went for him.
To have Sebona and Moriri in the same squad to me it is the waste of money because they play similar style BUT I don't know what other people think.

Will Stiga make it?

Stiga will make it only if he is 100% fit because he became a second half player at chiefs and cannot play 90minutes and he has to be consistent when playing overseas...

ridwaan patel

Yes he is a World class player but he just needs not to overdo things on the ball. But other than that he can play to any League in the world. Ace Ntsoelenge said this before and this will definitely make him play for Bafana Bafana because Baxter is just looking for players who play overseas. Good Luck Stiga

Zola Citwayo


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