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Monday's readers' letters

Today's SASoccer365 readers' letters concern Ted Dumitru, Irvin Khoza and Quinton Fortune, the new-look Sundowns team and lots more...

Analysis of three S.A soccer personalities...

I want to analyse three interesting personalities today: Ted Dumitru,Irvin Khoza and Quinton Fortune.
On Ted Dumitru.I doubt that Chiefs will defend any of the titles they won last year and this is because of the old man.

Chiefs nearly lost the plot towards the end of last season because of the Professor's obsession with Derrick Spencer.

Spencer is a good defender.Period. Not a midfielder but a ruthless defender. So what the hell is he doing in the midfield? By playing both Spencer and Nengomasha in midfield, Chiefs rob themselves of a chance of  having a creative playmaker to create killer passes for the forwards.

Chiefs teams traditionally have a creative genius playing behind the twin strikers. Since Nengomasha is defensive minded player, it means Chiefs always start the game with six defenders (excluding the keeper) and against attacking teams (e.g SuperSport, who looked like scoring every time Nzama tried to add numbers to the attack) this is a recipe for disaster.

And Spencer's case is not the only example.Chiefs has an international class left-back (Kannemeyer) but the Professor will rather play right footed players in that position.

Then he makes sure that the useless Mayo is always on the field even if only as a left  winger. How about the classic case of Musasa as a left-winger against AS VITA (who are no world beaters themselves though nobody seems to be worried about losing to them).

Is anybody at Chiefs aware that Vita were knocked out cold in the first round of the Champions league? So what are our chances on the continent next year?

Is Junior Khanye worthy of a starting line-up place? Contrary to all the noise I hear about him I don't think he is at the stage where he can influence the game as Jabu Pule did? I have not written a book on Maximal training but I know when my team is in for a shocking season and I also know when my Team is being used as a guinea pig for the professor's next book on "the African player".
As for Bra Irvin Khoza, absolute power corrupts absolutely. One only has to look at National Team set-ups to realize that Khoza (read SAFA) is a one man show.

No prices for guessing from which team the following people come from: Banyana's  trainer, National teams' doctor , national team's security e.t.c .

Granted the man has done a lot for SAFA (even lending them money) but he is control freak as well. Who sacked Bra Shakes Mashaba? But as one fellow SASoccer365 addict put it, in Zulu we say "Okungapheli Kuyahlola".All dictators come to an end.
On Fortune, what the hell are we doing chasing after this guy? I compare his situation with that of Issa. It seems football has a romantic side as well. The woman whom you luv does not luv you (Fish, Fortune e.t.c) but the one who luvs  you ,you do not dig (Issa).

signing out.


Dumitru a cry-baby

Mr Editor,
Ted Dumitru doesn't know what he wants, he 's a cry baby all the time and I don't understand why he 's called a professor because he doesn't behave like one.

Charity games started sometime in the 80s and have been running like this.I think the best is ignore him but no matter what he 'll abide by the rules of the tournament like any other team.

He needs to learn to make a professional comment where and when necessary.
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to comment about this hogwash.
[Football Supporter]

Another [PP] Problem Player

In the name of Makhosi

Another [PP] Problem Player.

Ever since off season my team "Magosi" and Sundowns are after only one player that most of the southern Sahara team can go for.

He is a [QPP] quality problem player for whom looking at Chiefs I'll say he is the man since we cant come out with a new striker from RAO or other teams in PSL South Africa.

Chiefs only go for a player that gives problem within the field.

Take a look few years ago, why we where running with the likes of Koloba, J-Motlhetlwa, D-Modise, Mayo, Mosa, Carnell, Stigga.... All this players gave Chiefs a hard time. Chiefs mostly go for the trouble players!!!

Some do pass at Magosi, wait and see what will happen to Peter Ndlovu, from [PP] to unwanted player in his first season.

Since new PSL formed which striker made it from outside South Africa at Chiefs?

I`ll be around even this season,
Lekhosi for life; Botswana

Ted knew what was he talking about

Once again those eternal idiots who criticize Ted Dimitru for his statements and opinions have received an embarrassing lesson.

As it was just announced by the Organizing Committee of Charity Spectacular that the kick off on Saturday was moved to 10AM while the idea of running this tournament on two day format is going to be SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED for the next year.

Obviously Ted knew what was he talking about. It is now clear that those changes are in line with the FIFA's requirements. It's pathetic that some of us have no clue of what's going on in international soccer. Shame guys!!
M. Themba 

Delighted with 10111's return

Hi Editor,

I'm delighted more than even Arthur Zwane himself. Arthur is one of the players are playing the type of football that I like I happy for his return.

Arthur is the best winger I ever seen he was on his top form when he was ban. I think he will add more value on the right wing position he crosses are accurate what you need more than that on a winger.

I not in favour of players like Khanye on the wings they tend to overdo things which is what Ted was complaining about last season.  WELCOME BACK 10111

Zola Citwayo

'I am not bothered by our (Chiefs) loss'

Well, I guess Sundowns won the charity cup, but they were just not impressive. I do not think they could have beaten Pirates on Pirates' normal day. but well they partially took advantage of them early in the game.
Sundowns is just not there yet, i feel that they need five more games to be a competitive side. it is going to be very interesting to see how they gel those players together.
Anyway I am not bothered by our (Chiefs) loss cause i see that the team is not being pushed too far so early in the season and this is simply because we have a lot of games ahead of us this season. i still feel that we should get another creative midfielder to make our attack more comprehensive (maybe we should consider the AS Vita midfielder (the one with an Afro hair style).

I feel that Radebe has some good understanding of his teammates and the day he starts burying one of those chances he will grow in confidence and he is going to cause havoc, Mbesuma is also brilliant except that he is not fit yet. But please "Makhosi amahle" be patient we have a long season.  
With regards to the delay, I just find it disgraceful for Sundowns to decide what to do and do as they wish. anyway they know that they can afford to pay any fine towards them.
Khulani Silwanyana (Mr)

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