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Friday morning's readers' letters 05/08/04
Friday morning's readers' letters cocern the debate on whether it is more important to play winning or entertaing football, and more...

I don't care about 80% possession and 50 "shibobos"

For me there is no contest between the two, the whole point of soccer is to get the ball at the back of the opposition's net and ultimately winning the game.

Posses ion and high technical ability do not win games, goals do.

I don't care about 80% possession and 50 "shibobos" in a game, and ultimately losing the game (I mean what stupidity)

We model ourselves around Brazilian Football, but this brand of football is very different to ours, and there are several key variables.

Brazil is disciplined, have high football intellect, fight to win and never say die (Remember Brazil vs SA in JHB)

Their players use their skill positively, in other words they will dribble when there is a need and not to showboat. When they play you always get a sense that they can score at will, plenty penetration.

Most importantly they have mastered the basics i.e movement of the ball, set pieces, marking, target shooting, trapping, mental strength, etc.

On the other hand SA Players lack discipline, showboat, and rely on skill to win games as opposed to tactical acumen. We must master the basics, and only then will skill prove to be an added factor  to win games.

Keeping it simple is the key!

We need to develop respect for the game and the people who pay their hard earned money to watch these games. I will like to know from SA teams what they think of the product they are selling in the PSL as well as the National team.

Sadly more people I know, including myself are starting to watch more of European football, simply because it is direct and there are plenty great goals.

We do not get frustrated by players who send the ball back to their goalkeeper from the opposition's "18" area after 20 touches in the so called "building from the back".

There is less of the atrocious stuff SA players call shooting for goal. (Just look at penalty shootouts, let alone game situations)

Situation is dire and officials are indifferent, indifferent people cannot make a difference!

Sikhumbuzo Ngcobo

Let Putco do the talking

Ted is useless. The man is good with coaching but he don't accept defeat and that makes him a looser. Sundowns was good on the day and I am a Khosi fan. He just needs to focus and let Putco do the talking.

Lawrence Mothupi Nkosi

Response to Marcus T

Dear Editor

I wish to respond to Marcus T. What a a nonsense to write that 'Ted knows about soccer than any of us'! It is not a crime to elect yourself to be Ted's praise singer, but arrogant to think that all of us are at your level in terms of thinking.

May be you should have said he is better than yourself. Ted does not say what most of the soccer lovers do not see - it is just that he says it more often than most us, mainly to complain when the decision does not favour him.

That does not make him the messiah in our soccer. Actually he is just a simple cry baby. As to his coaching skills, he is good. However, we should not lose sight that he has won the championships using an expensively assembled teams.

Gordon has won the championships three times as well - with mediocre teams - save when with Pirates, and he does not go about making a lot of noise so as to attract attention. If Ted is so good, I suppose he would be coaching one of the greatest teams in the world.

Best regards.

Mfana ka Msomi

'Start building your teams like Chiefs does'

Hi Editor.

I think it's about time we stop critisising the officials when Chiefs win matches, Cuz I think Chiefs went for about 11 to 12 years without winning the league and in that period both Sundowns and Pirates won the league 6 to 7 times between themselves, which is proof that they were the ones cheating or maybe the reason why Sundowns was sold to Motsepe was because the former owners were afraid of "Operation Drible".

Please guys stop complaining and start building your teams like Chiefs does.


'Khanye can play much better than the Greats'

I think Ted has done wonders for Chiefs especially by winning the League Championship.

I have been watching Chiefs playing style during the off season tournaments and they are not effective as they suppose to be. They are solid in defence but are failing to penetrate in front. I've heard people talking about average players but I think they are not and the fate is on the new players to prove the critics (when given a chance to play).

My advice to Ted is to use flanks because KC have good players that can do that. I suggest that Ted play Khanye alongside one of the new players like Mathebula and play some fast ones & two's. Khanye can play much better than the Greats of Helman Mkhalele if partnered with the right player on the side because of his talent.

Ted, you can defend the title by scoring goals.



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