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Thurday's readers' letters... 12/08/04
Today's readers' letters concern the possible signing of Peter Ndlovu by Sundowns, as well as influx of foreign-born players into South Africa.

Touchline Photo

Applause to Dolezar

It very encouraging to see that we have people in the country who cannot accept mediocrity. A sad story of mediocre beach football players masquerading as footballers from Brazil happened to Chiefs when they signed two players from that country who had no referral points.

They came, flopped and went back. A particular De Boer person came to play for Ajax and embarrassed the great surname. He was sent packing.

Now we are told that this extremely good player from Argentina will be gracing our PSL. Hardly before he touched the ball, and thankfully, he has been discovered for the fraud he is.

This is a mark of a true professional on the side of Dolezar - not accepting anything that comes with a big reputation but can hardly compare to that reputation on the field of play.

Mr Paul Dolezar, Head Coach of Mamelodi Sundowns, take a bow! You deserve a round of applause for the good you have done to the country. More so with teams now being tempted to sign and play any foreigners behaving like footballers, without reference points.

I always had reservations especially about this player who was sent back to Argentina. All the good South American players are looking to play in the European circuit, be it the Premier division or the third division, it doesn't matter.

To them it presents an opportunity of being recognized by the bigger teams. This would naturally have been the way for this player to follow if what was said about him was anything to go by.

This also indicates that although it is good to have a foreign players playing in the country, there must be systems in place which will ensure that they add value to the development of football in the country. The list of players who added value is mouth watering but we need to be extremely stringent when we determine who is suitable to play for the teams in the NSL Divisions of SA Football.

Maybe there will be progress and we won't be embarrassed like we have been in the past.


Five foreigner rule not good for local game

T.M my fellow Capetonian's comments and solutions are very interesting and valuable, however, the sorry financial state of our soccer organisation - be it PSL or SAFA don't allow some of these innovations to be realised, e.g Reserve League.

The Reserve League concept has been established countries like England, Spain and Italy to name few, it becomes a haven for injured or off-form players to redeem themselves and also for nurturing new talents.

It is shocking that Mr Phillips being an Englishman. can't see the negative effects to the National Team of having 5 foreigners in a team, he must clearly see England's mediocre performance over the years. 

South Africans are not a learning country, lets analyse the impact of having more foreign players;  Italy, Spain, Germany and England have the best leagues in the world but do they produce the best national team in the world "no no no".

Why ??? most of their star players in the league are not of the origin of country they play their club football. in such situations, money rules, if you want a solution to any problematic position, buy a foreigner.

Most of these countries lack depth in their teams and most times okay players are picked on the virtue of playing in the top flight than being the best players, up and coming players are distorted from being promoted to the highest level.

We should learn from countries like Brazil and Argentina, they produce so many players, e.g. Brazil won the Copa America 95% local players, this shows depth in the country.

There was a saying in Brazil after the Zambia death of national team disaster in a plane crash in 1994/5, that if such a disaster would happen to Brazil, they will still produce a world cup winning team from their players in Brazil, what does it tell ya ? DEPTH IN THE COUNTRY as 95% of players in their league are Brazilians.

On the other side, economics rule. We need to support what our President has started, the AU, South Africa is seen as the country to solve all African problems. Unfortunately, most to these foreign players come from impoverished homes and economically depleted countries.

South Africa as a big brother, they need to provide hope for these guys so it make a lot of sense to allow such players to explore their career in our country for solidarity purposes.

Hence winning the Vodacom Cup means a lot for our opponent African clubs than to our own local clubs.

Lastly, on the interesting side, its possible to even steal some of these players even though its not moral, like France or New Zealand does to export players, the opportunity of a lifestyle in South Africa is the closest thing to being in Europe and also playing in the 2010 World Cup without having to qualify is a lucrative for most African players.

Litha (Cape Town)

Is a 32-year old worth 2.5mil?

I would like to pose this question regarding the signing of Peter Ndlovu by Sundowns.it is clear that the guy and his manager were in some kind of auction for a ridiculously high deal with both Chiefs and Sundowns.

If the 2.5 million signing fee story is true, I wonder if it's really worth it for a 32year old on the twilight of his career.

I strongly feel that , Motsepe is insulting local players by giving that amount of money to a foreigner. would he have dished up that amount for a local, or is it just a statement to floss with his billions.

I am not saying that paying players lots of money is wrong , but it seems Ndlovu is only interested in making as much money as he can before he retires. I don't think, he is at this stage worth that much - that money could have gone a long way in developing strikers of his caliber and even better at Sundowns.

Look at what happened with "Tonigol". 1.8 million and he went back without even kicking the ball.
Mr Motsepe, focus on the locals. players of Ndlovu's calibre are gold digging , disloyals who will stab Sundowns in the back if a better deal came his way. mark my words, he is going to disappoint at the ''BRAZILLIANS"


Ndlovu is just money-greedy

In life some people hate sport any form of it but cant stand with the fact that Chiefs [Magosi of PSL] are always make my day.

Peter Ndlovu is a good player but he cant use his last days in football to get each and every cent he crosses.

Is time for him to say thanks to god for such a good talent. At Chiefs I don't want to see someone getting millions while others are getting  Hundreds / thousands, but sharing the same kit, field, ball....

The guy can go and play where ever he feels PLEASE NOT CHIEFS, we've already have family problems which will be resolved soon. To all other PSL clubs : the Chief of the PSL has started his operation.

To all magosi kare go lona; gaene ya koma koma {Pula/Rain}, nnang teng kwa eyang teng, Ke Kgosigadi ya lona. Class is started last weekend.

This season So Much More.


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