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'Chiefs on the receiving end this time' 16/08/04
More SASoccer365 readers' letters on Kaizer Motaung's remarks following the sale of former Sheffield United striker Peter Ndlovu to Sundowns.

Touchline Photo

'Kaizer's comments are typical that of schoolboy bully having been given a good hiding'

Dear Editor

It looks as if this culture of being bad losers is slowly becoming entrenched in all levels of management at Chiefs! Kaizer is describing Ndlovu as immoral and Sundown's as unethical, and to me shows that Kaizer is either aging too quick or he is slowly loosing his memory.

Further he mentioned that he stopped negotiations with Ndlovu when he realised that there was a bidding war or an auction. What a load of drivel!

All of a sudden Kaizer detests bidding for players. The fact is that all these years Chiefs has been signing best players in the league because they had all the money. No team would stand in the way when Chiefs wanted players since Chiefs would offer a lucrative deal to entice a player.

To me that was another form of bidding or auction. The difference is that this time the player was dictating terms, and Chiefs failed in terms of resources.

Rumours in the past were that Chiefs would even go to the extent of going to the airport to "high jack" a player en route to the other team. In actual fact, Sundowns had employed the same rules Kaizer developed, and it is surprising that Kaizer cries foul of the lack of ethics.

Collins Mbesuma for instance was negotiating with Pirates. But because Kaizer had more money, he swooped on the player and took him away from Pirates' noses.

There are a  lot of instances one can mention that the same ethics Kaizer claims to be guardian of, himself he does not practice them. After all Ndlovu  earns his living through playing football, and has freedom to join any team that more advances that ideal.

I think Kaizer's comments are typical that of schoolboy bully having been given a good hiding. Kaizer must just accept that now there is a new kid on the block who is prepared to spend money more than he does. He just has to wipe his bloodied nose and stop whining!

Best regards


'Chiefs were on the receiving end this time'

Dear Editor,

There is nothing wrong with Sundowns enticing Ndlovu to join them any at time. However, I do not think Ndlovu and his agent acted properly in agreeing with Chiefs and letting them pay for airfares and hotel accommodation.

If they wanted to better the offer, they could have negotiated with Sundowns before agreeing with Chiefs.  Ndlovu has a right to say no to any offer but why agree with Chiefs, allow them to incur expenses and turn around at the last minute?

Ndlovu and his agent knew all along that Sundowns were interested. Why didn't they start selling him to the highest bidder a while back. Why now? As I said, there is nothing wrong with Ndlovu joining Sundowns but his agent could have handled the matter more professionally.

In any case, I think Chiefs was a little bit unrealistic to expect an agent to negotiate in good faith. Agents are unscrupulous and Chiefs were on the receiving end this time. Chiefs must just take it on the chin and get on with life.

The downside is Chiefs wasted 3 months for nothing. In that time they could have looked for another striker before the season starts. As it stands, by the time Chiefs get another striker, they may have surrendered a few valuable points.


Mr Motaung shouldn't use Sundowns as a scape goat

I would like to commend Motsepe pertaining the asset he's just acquired (Ndlovu).

I'm definitely sure the player of Ndlovu's caliber is gonna payoff. Unfortunately I'm a Chiefs fan but I don't agree that Ndlovu has been hijacked by Sundowns.

Mr Motaung shouldn't use Sundowns as a scape goat for his failure to acquire the services of Ndlovu. I was also fooled that he's gonna sign for Chiefs and I was exhilarated about the good news more especially that we needed a striker of his calibre.

Chiefs strikers are lacking upfront and we were getting goals through middle fielders. I'm happy Mbesuma has come of age recently but even then we can't rely solely on him and more over we gonna be competing in the African championship and surely we desperately need a deadly striker upfront.

Mr Motsepe, never be discourage by those with negative attitudes about getting quality players in their teams. They even got various teams flooded with stars but failing to win any trophy. Just concentrate on the main objects you have about Sundowns and surely you 'll conquer. Bear in mind that you running Sundows not Real Madrid or Chelsea.
Bafana Nkosi

'Those who live in glass Naturena houses should never throw stones'

Its utterly baffling how a respected gentleman, like Mr Motaung, should have the nerve to have a go at our President without checking facts.

Firstly, Peter Ndlovu never signed any pre-contract with Kaizer Chiefs or anyone else, thus declaring him free to negotiate with any team of his choice.

Secondly, Kaizer does not have the audacity to admit defeat, as gentlemen and professionals always do. I think on this point, apology is long overdue for Golden Arrows for the manner in which Kaizer handled the David Mathebulas debacle.

We all know that Mathebula signed a pre-contract and subsequently a full contract with Arrows of which Kaizer Chiefs did not respect. Lastly, how on earth do you expect a novice like Bobby Motaung to handle multinational contracts like the one involving Ndlovus signing.

Lets face reality here, the poor chap is a complete joke in managerial and negotiating terms. Ask Brian, Jabu, Jabulane, Sibusiso  and Peter Ndlovus agent and they will all attest to that.

Word of advice to Kaizer Motaung - Get your house in order. Remember that those who live in glass Naturena houses should never throw stones.

Abby Mogotsi


I'm` very thankful for you my Editor and very disappointed about Chiefs CEO.

History of Magosi its self, this is the end of a Kaizer Chiefs, after so many years of years a team like Chiefs calling them self Chiefs now at this stage of having all the good times...cups, sponsors own ship all this is money our happiness that with all this money we will take anything across our eyes.

The dead supports of Downs are all awake and making fun story about all what we did and have. If at all is money I wish someone can tell us where is MONEY that we made/developed during years ago, what is the use of the sponsors that we have.
Maybe I'm lost i don't no this things how they work.

This on coming season, we have so much games to play but looking at the squad we have mmmmm the likes of all the strikes we have that apartment is killing us period. We need goals... getting back to the subject this season is going to be a very challenging one, people in Mabopane/Mamelodi are in good looking smiles every where.

Last season!!! are we still going to see the daily bread part II or is PAY BACK TIME, may be the return of GOLD FINGER. Ajax FC are out this season maybe even Supersport FC.

To all Magosi after playing Downs is when we can say a lot to our CEO, kebona kotsi ke bona matlhomola the paramount chief of PLS have to be lost.

Things ant looking to be good, with Peter is another issue.. few days ago I'm still saying we [Chiefs] having family issues I meet it.

The truth untold is the truth known to the one that knows that truth... Kaizer Motaung.


Gabz City Botswana

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