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Latest readers' mails 02/12/04
The latest e-mails concern mainly Kaizer Chiefs coach Ted Dumitru's 'quality play standards' theory...

I agree with Ted

A big yes! I agree with my coach that individual errors is our utmost weakness in not collecting maximum points.

If you watch Chiefs' games closely, for most parts of the game Chiefs is having possession advantage, but players like Radebe (not to criticise), Shoes etc sometimes fail to capitalise on clear cut chances.

There is no doubt that we create enough chances in games. I was very surprised when I read Paul Dolezar's column this week when he said Sundowns dominated last Saturday's game.

I mean his facial expression before Ngwenya's goal was saying something else, I am not too sure whether we were watching the same game ( Sundowns' supporters know that we were on top of their team for at least 55 minutes of the game and we should have killed it).

If I remember well Sundowns only made 2 attempts at goal out of Chiefs' 9. Dolezar should check facts before writing down his opinions.
But my point is that had Radebe and Zwane scored one or two of those chances, Chiefs would have won the game clearly.

Like I have been mentioning in my other posts we need to be patient with this situation because these players are just going through a bad patch and I disagree with anyone who says Chiefs is playing badly.

Chiefs is at the moment just lacking the killer instinct that Pirates has.

Even in the Pirates game, Chiefs was more organised, hence players like Vilakazi were not as effective. All the goals came from errors and not the system.
I have confidence in this team and if we must just keep on making constructive criticism because clearly the technical team listens to the supporters.

Khulani Silwanyana

Where was Mbesuma at the SAA awards?

Dear Editor,

I am supporter of Chiefs and was very disappointed not to see a representative from the team or Mbesuma himself to receive his top goalscorer award at the SAA Super 8 Annual Awards. Is this because they were not informed or they just did not want to attend? Please find out.

Makgalaija  Mampholo

Scara is costing Amakhosi

I agree with a number of readers who say Radebe needs good coaching then he will be a great striker. Remember when he first arrived at Chiefs, he scored 13 goals (the majority of these goals were scored in the last couple of weeks of the season - Editor) and was Chiefs' leading goalscorer.

I think the problem is with the technical staff rather than the player. I mean against Sundowns before he was substituted the Sundowns defense never relaxed, they were always busy but after the substitution they very relaxed. Ted should have substituted Mbesuma instead because he was ineffective.

Lastly the other player who is costing Chiefs games is Scara Ngobese he makes a trick and pass the ball backwards resulting in many moves being halted. I think he must be benched for at least 3 games to get his head straight.

From Bafana Mashinini - Bloemfontein

'A team is made up of individuals'

Individual mistakes have nothing to do with collective QPS. I have always believe and still believe that a team is made up of individuals. Now whether the statement by Ted is a technical formula in which he has to plug in some numbers to get a value, I don't know.

A mistake made by an individual has everything to do with a team maybe I'm just dumb - maybe I don't understand the term individual.but what makes QPS? - collective individuals.

I don't think we need to beat by the bush...if Ted is failing to deal with those individual mistakes...then stuff the QPS.

A good team is made of good collective individuals the level of skills might be different, but a team is made of individuals...individual mistake is not an excuse for poor performance.

Coaches are hired to make individuals better players and then enhance that into the team.

Off course...when a team loses 98% of the time it will be because an individual made a mistake or individuals incapability to defend at that time -   what do u expect? Again its a team made of individuals. Maybe I'm too young to understand..but I don't see how it will be a teams fault to lose - if go on about the QPS.

Its time Ted accept that he is either too naive to accept that there are individuals he doesn't know how to deal with or too clever to see it.

For instance, why did it take so long to get somebody to help Rowen...while all along we knew that he has problems dealing with crosses...it didn't just surface now..its always been there...so, come Ted...its good to be philosophical...but the real thing happens in the field of play.

And to continually want to be too academic won't help - no matter how many technological gizmos you use to measure the QPS...if a team is not winning, maybe you need to make changes...maybe its the style you play, the kind of players you play for a certain game..what ever it is..change it...

if theres an individual who is not performing to what you want him to perform...why even bother to play them - I'm sure there are many players at your disposal..but I urge you not to go on about this QPS as an excuse.


Cape Town

Editor's note: I think what Ted is getting at here, is that even if a player is playing brilliantly for 99.9% of the game, he may make one mistake - a bad pass, or he may slip up at a crucial time, which may result in a goal, or a missed chance...

'Its not enough just to be talented'

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