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Full bag of readers' mails 08/12/04
The SASoccer365 readers' letters have been pouring in. Find out what they have to say about Chiefs, Swallows, Sundowns, Pirates, Santos, SAFA, and more...

Swallows' mistakes

1. Why did the team use the Kaizer Chiefs balls (nike) whereas it was a Swallows home game, hence the ball was not all always directed from corner kicks - Subject to correction.

2. We need to see youth from development with fast pace.

3. The  coach is taking too long to cover up his blunders.

3.1 The substitution of Cecil should have happened within 15min of the first half.

3.2 Even the Soweto who came as a sub did not really add value up front, hence our cry for Lota

3.3 When Swallows was leading nobody from the bench showed the players the time left and encourage to shut the back door. In fact a defensive player should the introduced in the place of Phiri.

3.4. We enjoy what Ngobeni is doing but must not over do it like he did with Chiefs, Instead of going forward he and penetrate the Chiefs wall, he took too much and allowed him to regroup and focus. Ace Mnini was always going forward.

3.5. Most of our players seems to lake basic skills of football:

3.5.1. Sense of urgency in front of the goals

3.5.2. Precision and accuracy

3.5.3. Fitness and pace

3.5.4. Insecure about scoring: Why must you shoot: pick up the spot and direct accordingly.

4. When are we seeing youth from development

"Lets forget about respecting Chiefs. Pirates takes Chiefs on, Sundowns does that, SuperSport is not afraid of them but We are. On the contrary the teams I mentioned Swallows takes them on without any sign of inferiority."


The Danny Jordan Dilemma

I strongly do not understand how SAFA handles the above issue. Firstly, it appears they are trying to undermine the role that the above competitor has achieved

Secondly, I do not understand how easy the chairmanship of the LOC was nominated

Thirdly, the above post should have been advertised

Fourthly, how do you advertise the CEO post AND NOT the above post as well


Concerned over Santos

Dear readers

I'm a little bit concerned about what Mr Golaam Allie is doing to his Santos. Well as a Kaizer Chiefs supporter, I expect high competition from all the psl teams, but what Santos is experiencing, really deprive us of exciting football.

People should understand that before Boebie Solomon left Santos, the team was challenging for honours but since
he was pushed out, Santos is fighting for relegation.

Team bosses sometimes are the ones who causes havoc to their teams. Just look at what is happening of late, Paulsen has resigned and Notoane is in charge, soon he will be pushed back to be an assistance of another coach, probably "Mr fitness" just wait and see. (You may well be right - Mr Fitness may be roped in to perform his customary rescue act!! - Editor).

Lastly, I would like to say well done to Amakhosi for the victory over Swallows, it was a tough game and luck was on our side. Well done to Fernandez, at least he is half done to his weaknesses, now he has to fight to deal with crosses, let us be patient for the boy,

Love & Peace

Lucky Mtuba Msibi, Matsapha

'Are they playing the devil's advocates for Oliphant & co?'


I wonder why is Chief Nonkonyane the only member of the SAFA NEC who is prepared to take Molefi on? What about the other members of the NEC are they playing the devil's advocates for Oliphant & co?

I had a lot of respect for the likes of Mubarak Mohammed & Prof Gadinabokao but what are they doing to rectify the corruption that is occurring in SAFA or are they afraid that they are going end up in the bad book of the "MASTER" like Chief Nonkonyane?

I thought that the NEC were the one's who were going to decide on who is going to serve in the LOC but it seems that one was wrong as Mr Oliphant & co are the ones who decided for the NEC.

It is also suprising that "Olie" is part of the LOC, didn't he say he is going to step down next year or he is afraid that he is going to miss out? It does not make any sense for him to put himself there why does he not put the SAFA president who will be there at that time?

As for Danny it's not rocket science for people to see that the daggers were long drawn for him. My warning for "Olie" is that maybe he forgot that he is not SAFA, SAFA is us the football loving people and we are not going to fold our arms and let him destroy our beloved SAFA!!!!

Lastly it is a shame for Oliphant to mock a person like Emmanuel Maradas by asking who is he? The very same person who was always behind us from the 2006 bid until we won the 2010 bid but is not a suprise ask Bhamjee about SAFA's betrayal.

'Lets be patient'

Hi everybody

I just want to comment on few issues pertaining Kaizer Chiefs, especially we supporters. KC have not done bad so far compared to other teams and yet we are the ones who are complaining too much. Yes we lost all our cup finals this season but, hang on a second "which other team has been in all the finals this seasons except Chiefs?".

One thing for sure is that we can not win every match and it is just a bad luck that we have not yet got one of these cups. How much more for the poor teams that have not even got to a single cup.

There are teams that even brought players from overseas and yet they have played non of the big finals. Most strangely they do not complain as much as we do. If we could just be patient for a few games and be constructive in approach, then we will get to where we want to be. I agree we need to voice our opinions but in a constructive way if we really support KC.

Also for the true supporters of KC, it is important that we note that some of our enemies can write bad things about our team pretending to be KC supporters. There are individuals who every time they write about KC they always have negative comments about players and coaching staff and I doubt if these people are really KC supporters.

We must also remember that some individuals write just to pass time without any thinking behind and hence they must not be taken seriously. Although I will not mention names there are a few people who always make it their duty not to support their teams but concentrate on wasting their energy in opposing KC.

Just to compare with politics, this is why no party will challenge the ANC, all the so called opposing parties spend more energy in opposing the ANC than blending their parties. We need to be objective in our approach and make sure we do not destroy our teams even if we do not support them at the end of the day we are one nation.

These teams are the ones that produce the Vilakazi's, Pules, Leb Mokoena's, Pienaar, Zuma and so on. So if you criticise to destroy someone remember that you will still need the same person to represent you.

Let us make football and supporting an enjoyable and productive adventure. We are currently ranked number 41 in the world if I am not mistaken and one way to better this is to be positive in our approach. I do not mean we need to support all the teams at once but please let us not kill individual players or coaches they are all humans and want better life like you and me.

Just imagine if someone can openly say you are useless in your job, how would you feel? Actually one of the presenters from SABC who was formerly with etv once said about David Radebe, I quote, " Why is Ted still keeping such a useless player like Radebe, Radebe does not deserve to be playing even in the second division".

By the way I wrote to sasoccer365.com about this and my letter was never published I still want to know whether there was anything wrong in it so that in future I correct it. (Apologies, I must have missed your letter, otherwise I would have published it - Editor)

In football we are enemies in love. How many times have we all supported African teams in the world cup and yet hate the hell out of them when we play African competitions.

As for Chiefs supporters who constantly strive to destroy what they think they love, they will realise very late that they are shooting themselves on the foot. A clear example is what happened to Rowen, he saved 3 penalty kicks and guess what no one has yet praised him, they are waiting for him to make a mistake.

To Kaizer, Ted, players and constructive supporters remember when students pass it is because they study hard but when they fail it is because teachers do not teach well. Keep the good work guys, I enjoy seeing my team playing all the finals, I hope will be there even in the African competition final and repeat what we did in the past few years. By the way these critics were there even the year we conquered Africa, so do not try to satisfy them because you will not be able.

Khosi 4 life and South African football lover forever

Transit ZM

Safa making lame excuses

In the wake of hot-news of the vacant position of CEO of the 2010 organizing committee...one can not help but wonder. Just after we won the bid, there was controversy regarding the relationship between Dr. Khoza and Jordaan. Now everybody seems to think there are those with hidden agenda as to the position of CEO.

It is understandable that a person of Jordaan's caliber be given the post, why he is not given the post is really not that clear even when the committee has its reasons (as we are informed). One person holding two same or similar position at different companies...well...thats a lame excuse.

I think every body have a right to know whats happening in there. For Jordaan to fight all the way for the bid to be discarded when it matters most is very much unfair.

However, the fact that Jordaan has his hands full as CEO of SAFA is no secret...now do we sacrifice SAFA for the world preparations or the other way around...I'm sure it have not been an easy decision.

I think the alternative is to hire somebody than Jordaan as CEO of the bid until 2006. We must remember that just because Jordaan is not CEO doesn't mean he is no longer involved....he is just not as CEO. So, Mr. Jordaan must complete his task as CEO of SAFA and if by 2006 the ship (SAFA) is stable, then he can put more effort into the 2010 bid. And I think this will be a desirable set-up for both parties.

I think SAFA must admit that Jordaan is the best man they have as CEO of SAFA and they need him to turn things around - they don't want to be faced with another Mokoena era and thats what they must just tell the public. I am sure its in everybodys interest to see SAFA in good shape, cause that will the corner stone for a successful world cup.


Cape Town

Ted's job is not an easy one

Dear Editor,

It looks like people who are always criticizing Ted and the Technical team are not Kaizer Chiefs supporters. 

Ted has done a good job so far since  returning to Chiefs.  As supporters we should be rallying behind the team and not criticize whenever other teams like Orlando Pirates counter our plans and capitalise on our mistakes.

I have noticed that almost all the teams in the PSL double and even triple their efforts when they plan for Kaizer Chiefs.  This does not make Ted's job an easy one.

Let us learn to accept defeat and give praises where they are due.  Many  supporters claim to know the strength and capabilities of the players, but hey! aren't they missing something?  The do not spend an or a day for that
matter with the team. 

Surely there are things like match fitness, current form and injuries that determine who should be fielded and who should not.

As supporters, let us give support to the team and not criticize them unnecessarily.

Love and Peace



Well done to Swallows

Well done to the coach and the players.

I think Swallows gets desperate to beat Chiefs and that causes tension in the club as a whole. This is also compounded by media reports that Swallows has not beaten Chiefs for a number of years. I

If Swallows can approach every Chiefs game with the same mentality as they approach matches against Pirates or Sundowns, then we will definitely beat Chiefs. Again well done.

Shakes Grootboom

Motsepevic made a terrible mistake

Motsepevic, the sundowns boss made a terrible mistake by trying to buy success.

Instead he should have tried to implement some youth policies rather than buying expensive players who are now warming the colourful Downs bench.

Motsepe should start putting more money into their youth development and let Zondo build their own future stars.

Look at Chiefs for instance almost every team in the PSL has one or more players who came through Chiefs development.
And the same goes for teams like Cosmos, Supersport united, Wits and now Pirates.

Motsepe must understand the SA soccer first before splashing out money.

Football is different to Mining where you just sign papers and let miners do all the dirty work.

My advice to Motsepe is to swallow his pride and consult the likes of Kaizer, Jomo, Khoza and the "Iron Lady" on how to run a soccer team.
from Manopela Mabusela

Dolezer must start to deliver

I fully agree with Patrice, Dolezer must start to deliver or he must go.

I'm a Sundowns supporter but what we have seen so far from Sundowns is nothing compared to the classy players that the team posses. To me they seem to be an ordinary team.

When looking at the players they seem to be working very hard, it's so unfortunate that they are not reacting to the technical team's method. Maybe Dolezer needs to realize that his method or style of play is not working for the team.

Further more Dolezer needs to start using more of his young players such as Sipho, Shakes, Ninja, Sapula, Vuyo and stop with his big animal thing like Chuku.


Football is the people's game


There are many people in South Africa who are blaming Irvin Khoza for the mess that we find in our football. And it seems  easy for many to nod their head when hearing that.

But I think south Africa must ask herself  question about how  they themselves are not doing anything constructive in our football.

Football is people's game. We have structures in our district  that we can use to influence  the running of our football. We need to mandate those people to do as told or ship-out. If we stop screaming from our root-tops and take part in our local structure the mess and the thing that we complain about will stop.

What ever Irvin is doing he is been mandated by us, directly or indirectly by our not taking part in our football structures. In the long or short run (what ever that may be) we must take part in our football and stop  pointing fingers at people who are really working for our game.

People are saying the Duke is the one who is side-lining Danny Jordan and Molefi Olifant.

I believe that Danny did and is still doing South Africa proud with the job he is doing, but I believe that we are trying to put our eggs in one basket. We must not allow ourselves to be short sighted by focusing only on one person to do the things for ours.

Danny is not one and all in our football, though he is the right man for the job that he is doing we need to diversify are expertise.

Let not allow FIFA to dictate to us who should be who in our football. Lets people in top at SAFA begin to do what they are there for. If they allow one man(Irvin) to run the show, let us as the voting power bring them to the ground.

Nobody but ourself is if that is what is happening is messing up our football. We should start learning how our football is structured and how we can be allowed to input in the goings and comings of our football.

From our district, region and provinces lets take control of our national asset. We have given 'The Duke' " free-hand" to do what is doing right now. Right Or wrong I believe than the Duke has the interest of SA football at heart. If we I going to make head-way he should avoid this tendency of pointing fingers.

If there is somebody out there who want to chair committees at SAFA let h(im)er do that and if you have case many will follow.

The Duke is what he is because we want it.

I feel compelled to make my contribution to this Danny Jordaan/LOC CEO saga!

The impression that is created through the media - by the independent writers and other soccer administrators - is that SAFA is at their worst again, and Jordaan is the only capable person and automatic choice to run the Local Organising Committee.

I have nothing against Jordaan, and I feel he has proved himself to be a pedigreed administrator, and I am sure he can do a good job.

I wish to point out that I am not one of SAFA Executive raving fans. However, we need to put every issue on perspective when we have to educate and contribute positively in the running of our football, and organising the 2010 event successfully. SAFA has proposed that the CEO position has to be advertised.

I do not see anything wrong with that! It is norm within the private and government sector to advertise such senior position. I cannot recall any furore when such happens even when there was a person acting in that position, or a person that was groomed towards the position.

Advertising is good business recruitment practice that is aimed at giving all person that aspire to the position an opportunity. Who says that Jordaan is the only capable person to hold the job? It is true that he has been exposed at that level, but that alone does not make him the automatic and only choice!

Rugby and cricket had successful World Cups, and guess what, their CEO's were not Danny Jordaan!

One writer has even suggested that Irvin Khoza is holding more than four 'corporate positions' (whatever that means), hence nothing wrong in giving two CEO's positions to Danny Jordaan. I think we need to compare apples to apples here. There is a difference between elected position and executive position.

Three of Irvin's positions are elected (non - executive) and CEO's are executive positions. This is one of the reasons we see one man holding more than one non-executive director positions or chairmanships. SAFA defined CEO's position as employment position, and they are absolutely right in that. It is against corporate governance to hold two CEO's positions.

Lest we forget that Danny Jordaan is the one who requested to be given his job back. When Albert Mokoena resigned, the position became vacant and he was granted his wish. I guess it is the same writers and commentators who were calling for him to be reinstated in his position.

All of a sudden, just because a more plum job has arisen, the same SAFA critics feel that he has to be given the job without following due process. This advertisement thing is not a new - before Baxter's appointment, commentators were saying the job had to be given either to Jomo or Gordon Igesund.

The two gentlemen's credentials are also known, but due to their pride, they did not get the job as they did not apply. I fond it strange why the same could not be allowed to happen to Danny Jordaan.

For the first time I feel SAFA has taken a good stand. If SAFA want to abandon one of their duties (i.e. good corporate governance) under duress from the commentators and critics, they would surrender their last shred of credibility, and sure will lead the whole process to anarchy. Safa must advertise the job as per their obligation. If Danny does not apply, he should not be coaxed to do so.

Best regards


Congratulations to Orlando Pirates

Hi there!!
I would like to congratulate Orlando Pirates for their recent form and a very good performance in years.

Firstly, I personally want to thank our coach Kosta "Papiki" Papic, not forgetting Augusto Palacios - he played a very vital role in unearthing and grooming our current squad.

I wish our coach could released the following players as I think they don't feature any longer in the team. they are : -
W. Okpara, P. Khomane, T. Inguana, S Mazibuko, S. Potgieter, J. Mothibi, T. Liau and M. Bhengu.
Our coach asked for patience from Bucs fans and supporters. He promised a very entertaining soccer, and he is doing just that. It's a marvel to watch Pirates this days.
Keep up the good work, coach and your team.

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