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'Josephs decision flawed'

More readers' letters on the Shoes Moshoeu issue, as well comments as the latest Bafana Bafana squad, Moeneeb Josephs' PSL DC hearing, and more...

The bottom line: Shoes is wrong

I would also like to air my views on Shoes' issue and in a process answer Mr JFF Simbeko's letter. Firstly I'm not that much familiar with Chiefs's policies regarding making comments on the media.

But one thing for sure no team (even in the first division) would have allowed what Shoes did to go unpunished. Mr Simbeku said in his letter that Shoes' side of story was not listened to. Shoes was called before the technical team and admitted to have made those comments on the media (to my understanding that's his side of story).

Shoes went on to say that he checked it (his comments) over and over and couldn't see where he went wrong, so which side of story was Mr K supposed to have listened to? There was no need for Mr K to call Shoes in on a one-on-one situation as the player admitted to have made those comments.
As for Jabu Pule messing up with the club in the past, for your information Jabu was charged and punished more harshly than any other player at Chiefs. The bottom line is Shoes is wrong by taking his problems to the media instead of following the appropriate channels (that's where he went wrong).
As for the technical team taking decision on Shoes I'm not sure as I've said before that I'm not familiar with the club's policies, but if Mr K (The MD) didn't have a problem with it then I guess they have the power to do so.
Comet Hlongwane

Baxter disrespects our PSL

Dear Editor
I really think that our national coach disrespects our PSL. The reason I say this is the way in which he select his team. Every time Baxter select a team you'll see few players who play in the PSL and a lot of European based bench warmers.
I believe that for a player to be selected for a national duty, his selection must be based on his current form. Now, players like Fortune, Nomvete and Mkhonza, what justifies their inclusion in the team?

It is very frustrating for hard workers like Phiri, Shikwivilu and Meiring, to be best performers in their teams and yet they still don't get a chance to represent their country. Phiri, for instead he's got it all, he's in good form and has got the experience but still, Baxter chooses to ignore him.
Also, on our last game against Nigeria players like Buckley, Carnell and Zuma didn't have a good game I was expecting them to be excused for this game and other guys a chance, especially the local guys who are hungry for success be given a chance.

Congratulations to Calvin Marlin and Sandile Ndlovu for their inclusion on this game, they really deserve it. Another Mickey-mouse selection taking place is that of goalkeepers, when Chiefs was conceding too many goals Fernandez was called in to the National Team, now on the last two games Chiefs didn't concede a single goal and he's left out and Josephs is called in.

Out of 18 outings Ajax conceded 22 goals (bad record in my mind) but still call their keeper, especially ahead of both Arendse and Baloyi whose team conceded list goals. It's just a matter of time before Rangers keeper get selected.
This is what Troussier and Moloto were doing, anyway wait until SAFA wants to get rid of you I am telling you they will raise these issues, ask Shakes Mashaba, when they fire you they will comment like me and say "they're just making an observation".
Pule Thango

Josephs decision flawed

The decision by the PSL DC in the Moeneeb Josephs case is correct, if youre from the point of view that he did not attempt to deliberately enhance his performance. The use of the banned substance was unwitting and was for medical purposes. 

The problem that exists with the decision, however, is the inconsistent application of the law as it is understood. If the substance was contained in his asthma medication, then surely Josephs is aware that he should notify the authorities accordingly.

Josephs cannot claim to not be aware of what the medication might contain as Josam Ndou was in a similar situation and is also an asthmatic. Moreover, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. The decision is thus flawed in that it is not consistent with the line taken earlier when bread was snatched from the mouth of an earlier culprit, Ndou.

It was also stated at the time that Ndou should have made the authorities aware and also reported that Shaun Bartlett - a Cape Town player who I think Josephs should know a lot about - was also an asthmatic and the FA was aware of this, so Josephs has no ignorance leg to stand on.

I trust that the PSL DC will give an extensive report to the public and further allow all asthmatic players or those suffering from any condition necessitating chronic or other medication to come forward and plead their cases.

More than anything we require an explanation on the different treatment of this case to that of previous ones. What must Ndou be thinking of this?



Hence forth Mabhakabhaka

Dear Editor

I would like to congratulate Super Sport for their win against Pirates, this shows that they are also a good side
to watch.

However,I am really disappointed about the three points we drop to Matsantsantsa a Pretoria which take us on hold. Hence forth Mabhakabhaka hence forth.

Samson Zero

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