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Latest readers' letters 16/02/05
The latest SASoccer365 readers' letters concern the referee debacle during the Pirates-Swallows match, and more....

Mr. Kassonga's conduct was disappointing

Dear Editor

I would like to comment re the Saturday game between Swallows and Pirates. A lot have been said regarding the match official on the day, Mr. Kassonga, and many had taken liberty in throwing pot-shots at his conduct and failure to exert his authority.

I wish to agree - Mr. Kassonga's conduct was disappointing, and borders to incompetence. I fail to understand how is it possible to have a person of his caliber officiating at this level if we hope to advance the standard of the game in this country.

However, Mr. Kassonga's in abilities does not exonerate the conduct as displayed by Swallows players led by their captain Goodman Mazibuko. The conduct by Swallows to a large extent brought the game, the PSL and sponsors to disrepute, and it will only be fair for the league to take action against such unacceptable behavior.

The players actually took control from Mr. Kassonga, showed dissent and in most instances were seen pushing mishandling him. It is surprising to hear that the only action to be taken is against the referee, and there is no mention of the offending team.

This alone smacks of double standards. Not long ago, Pirates was involved in the same shameful conduct, and two or three of their senior players were suspended by the league. We will wait and see whether the same action will be taken against Goodman Mazibuko and Company.

Best regards

Attack attack attack !

Please with respect I like to forward some of my comments after our game with Pirates but not to offend anybody.

We threw 3 points away because of two reasons:

1.we attacked very well until the last 15 min of the game where our players decide to hold the ball up front trying to buy time instead of keeping the same pace of attacking not allowing Pirate to play from behind

You will agree with me on this point Sam Ngobeni was the culprit for Pirates to equalise he always took the ball to the left corner hold it there trying to buy time but most of the time he was dispossessed by Tonic Tshabalala and stay behind without chasing, that happened  several times some of us we could forsee that Pirate will equalise from Ngobeni's dispossessed mistake especially he was always left sleeping on the ground without worrying of chasing him.

Is about time that we get another good flank to help Edzai when he is injured or replaced.

Lastly I want to say we have a good team and good coach if we can rectify this couple mistakes we will go far.

Let us use this motto: "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK...." this will win us many trophies and many points, our down fall always is to try and defend a goal two,our league game with Chiefs is our example we have beaten them because we didn't't defend anything but launched an attack until to the death of the game,

I heard our coach commenting about this problem this is the remedy "ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK...."


From a concerned Swallows Fan

Ndlovu's success an inspiration to youngsters

SANDILE NDLOVU is a player that I have had the pleasure of playing against and beating him sometimes, that was while he was playing for Edendale All Stars and Sobantu United in the Castle Regional league (third division).

His success at the top brings a lot of hope and optimism to a lot of youngsters in the area PMB that if you  persist  you will be rewarded at the end of the day. It fills me with pride to see a person that I practically walked the same road with has taken such big strides and managed to get to his intended destination well ahead of many who were chasing a similar goal.

I hope that his continuing success will give other young players permission to the same. Football is however a game that comes with a lot of public scrutiny, I hope he will be able to handle the unnecessary pressure that comes with it. And when he does he will be a true ambassador of PMB, We really need football Icons in this part of the world.

Sarifa Mustafu

Mazibuko must behave

I think Goodman Mazibuko must show his leading skills, there's no way his players can behave that way and kept quiet. As a captain he must stand his authority, the Bucs equalised b'cos of the Swallows behaviour......Ngobeni's behaviour was uncalled for.

Babalwa Makalima

What Swallows players did was a disgrace

Dear Editor
At times I wonder if our professional soccer players know what it means to be a "professional". The past Saturday I was watching a game between Swallows and Pirates, and when the Referee awarded Pirates a well deserved penalty, the Swallows players really showed how unprofessional they are.
Lewis deliberately handled the ball in the 18 area and it was a definite penalty, but Swallows players thought otherwise and unnecessarily delayed the game for about five minutes or so. That was uncalled for, once the referee made a decision he won't change it because some players think otherwise.
I think some players need to make it their initiative to know the rules of the game they are playing. What Swallows players did was a disgrace to our football. We really don't need these kind of actions into our beautiful game. These are the kind of things that encourages supporters to throw things on the pitch every time they don't agree with the referee's decisions and it's wrong.
I'd like to see what steps is the PSL going to take against Swallows because these kind of incidents can't go unpunished, as they will grow and make our football look like "Mickey-mouse" football.
Pule Thango

'Mazibuko is perfect for the anchor position'

I should first express my disappointment about the way the coach or whoever selects the national team players do his selection. Everybody agrees that Goodman Mazibuko is just perfect for the anchor position in the midfield of Bafana ad his work rate is well ahead of Fortune's.

Palying players at their unusual players is one of the mistakes that the National ream coaches often and has proven too costly lately. Remember Winstanley at right back, Thabang Molefe at left back, the list just goes and if you can't from your mistakes then you'll never make it anywhere. The question is how do we select players? I should think we select players provided they perform better at their respective positions and we should play that player at that position at the national level.

I hope Baxter can learn that Fortune, though versatile is a left footed players and likes playing on the left especially left win. Buckley off lately is reported to be a striker and that proves by the number of goals he is scoring.

Why do we select a player because he is abroad not because he is active every week. Local players can compete and the likes of Vilakazi, Rammile show that. Unfortunately for Rammile even though he plays better than Carnell he will always be dropped when Carnell is back.

Whether local or international let's give S.African players the same recognition.

Mokete Abram Mahladisa




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