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'Leave Baxter Alone' 11/04/05
Today's letters concern the recent stories in the media about Stuart Baxter, the attendance at Bafana Bafana games, the form of Samuel Ngobeni, and more...

Leave Baxter Alone

I am really stunned by the latest developments as far as the Bafana coach is concerned. As some people reckon he's being influenced by players agents when fielding Bafana players.

I would appreciate if those certain individuals could substantiate such allegations. In fact, to me is more like they wanna see him fail in his duties. It makes one wonder peoples expectations from the coach coz hes delivering the goods.

Good people just let the coach do what he knows best and he has proven beyond reasonable doubt. Coz I could see that some of you guys is just jealous nothing more. Its evident that our national team is shaping up with Baxter. There's this slogan "local is lekker" but surely our local coaches have failed to organize the boys and they now playing as a team with enthusiasm though there's still some loop holes but surely Bafana Bafana shall over come all odds.

I would also like to advise the Bafana team Manager that please he must prove that hes a professional and has a desire to see Bafana excels. If  he's got a miss understanding with  Baxter he needs to sit with him and solve what ever amicable rather jumping to disclose their differences to the media.

please Screamer just work together with Baxter for the development of soccer in our country.We as Bafana Bafana supporters we wanna see our team qualifying for 2006 World cup and lifting the cup in 2010. For this to materials you need to work as a team.
Bafana Nkosi

'Criticizing Safa is a waste of time'

Mr Editor
There are a couple of issues I would like to touch base on this week summing up all the developments in our soccer.
First of all I would like to respond to Chegoane Nicholas Mabelane's doubts about what my opinions are with regards to the Downs vs Pirates game.

Yes, Downs won with Pirates clearly deserving the victory. Pirates was playing super football and Downs came prepared was a slight bit more organised than Pirates. And well there was some luck around for Sundowns (do not worry its part of the game).

I think in the last 20 minutes of the game Sundowns came to the party and really played well. The Pirates coach was a bit over-optimistic and I thought he gave the game away.

Anyway, I say big up to Downs and it was definitely not Pirates' day as lady luck left them. The one thing I would like to congratulate Downs is that they held on to the first half bombardment and started to come back to game nicely.
Secondly, the one thing that annoys me at the moment: I get very irritated when I mention the name Safa because I seriously think they are the most unprofessional organisation I have ever known in my life.

The problem though is that criticizing them is a waste of time. This squabble between Screamer and Baxter, is something they have to deal with. There should be no public spat between these 2. And from my personal point of view I think its about time Screamer leaves the national team.
The other thing is the Sowetan (not sure whether the Sunday or not) ran a useless story about how Baxter got the job and the nature of relations he has with Rob Moore. As far as I am concerned, it does not matter how he gets the players as long as they honour national call ups and we have the best possible squad on match day.

The other thing is that Rob Moore did not employ Baxter, Safa did and I do not see why the story was run on Page 2 of all pages.
With regards, to the league, I honestly do not know what to say about Kaizer Chiefs because they were given a life line by Sundowns last week and they did not capitalise.

As far as I am concerned the players do not want to defend this league so they should just give it away to Pirates.
I watched the game against Ajax in such disgust. they missed chances from the best possible positions.

Khulani - Bryanston

Empty Bafana stadiums

The is less Marketing done for the National team in our days hence such poor attendance. In the days of Bamjee you feel the atmosphere, the vibe and the excitement towards any game.

And guess what we used to fill the stadiums during those days because all players were local and we knew all of them, now you have a better chance of having a full attendance in Europe when the national team plays rather than local.

It is through the exposure of the national team most of the players made it abroad and now less chance is given to the current local players.

When Chiefs & Pirates play you are sure to have a full stadium because of the exposure from the media and the build up advertising. e.g.,  If you call Pule, Ngobese, Lekoelea & Mazibuko for a national team, you sure to have more support on that day than any other day.

Even if you don't play them, just for exposure and marketing purposes though it might lend the coach in trouble with the supporters if does not field one of them.

This is just a thought..

Bizo Barnato Kevin   

Point of correction on Moriri's celebration

Dear Editor allow me to correct my fellow here because according to what I saw Surprise collided with a Pierat player, but he decided to celebrate his goal instead of lying down then he used the same celebration for his second goal, so that has no link to the poisoning of Op players. Moriri is professional enough so he wouldn't do something like that.


We are waiting for our old Sam Ngobeni to come back

I just want to respond to  Sam's question on kickoff.website

Sam is a good player but since Jabulane Mendu left LTD Sam's form has dropped a bit. He just need to work hard to regain his old form.

Sometimes he comes in as a substitute but makes no difference as he disappears on the field or holds the ball unnecessarily.

A person could remember when we were playing Pirates we could have won that game with one or more goals, after the first half Pirates wanted an equalizing goal they attacked us with everything leaving Tonic Tshabalala alone at the back.

Sam was the only guy who was given a chance on the left to run with the balls from the back up to the left corner when arriving there he held those balls to try to by-pass time but Tonic dispossessed him leave him laying on the ground so many times. Instead of chasing him that caused other players to foul Pirates players in desperation.

If he was to share those balls with other players maybe we could have scored more goal or keep Pirates on the back foot denying them a chance to attack us because that is where Tonic Tshabalala was dangerous after winning the balls from him running pass centerline freely and play those balls towards the 18 area if you will remember Swallows committed couple fouls before the equalizing goal

Lastly, we love Sam Ngobeni as our player he should work on his form then he will be back as regular player, if he can work hard to regain his old form where these names Sea to Sea or Happycow  come from as we use to call him we will be happy, by working hard he will reach that form

We love you very much Sam, Scara Ngobese always reminds me of your play when he is on the possession of the ball.

From a Birds fan
Jerry Mathabathe

We need to unite our players

I have observed in many national games how the players from international clubs play. If you take your time and observe the passing of the ball between local players and international players you notice what I am talking about.

Vilakazi  will try a one-two with Benni, even if he is free after passing the ball, Benni will not pass the ball back to him 9 out 10 times. Most of them will hold on to the ball even if a local player is free, hence our game does not flow...

We need to unite our players while we grow, getting results is good but the coach must start mixing players. We really need to Balance the National team, right now our coach looking for O'Brien from Scotland according to kickoff.

You can really see that the likes of  Ngobese, Lekoelea and other wingers in the PSL will never be given a chance. Players like Mazibuko will really give Quinton fortune a run for the money in the Starting line up if given a chance.

And he must stop playing players out of position and expect them to score like they do in their clubs.. Balance the team , Let Buckley, Benni, Zuma, Shaun  & Ndlovu compete for the striking department because their all original strikers hence they have more goals in their respective clubs..


Bizo Barnato Kevin   


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