Leaks get out of hand

The leaking of the names of prominent South Africans whom the SAFA Management Committee had resolved to confidentially approach to serve as Directors in the commercial company that would amongst its other responsibilities be the management of Bafana Bafana so disturbed the PSL Chairman Dr. Irvin Khoza that he refrained from writing a letter to SAFA until after the weekend for fears that it would be leaked before it reached its intended destination.

In conversation with the SAFA President Molefi Oliphant at the LOC meeting on Friday, April 21 2006, Dr Khoza informed Mr Oliphant that the PSL Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, April 20 resolved that he draft a letter to SAFA to enquire about the status of the Joint Liaison Committee in addressing the issues in relation to Bafana Bafana. Dr Khoza informed Mr. Oliphant that he would suspend his writing of this letter until after the weekend because it was time that the leaking of information received in confidence and through privilege of office by football administrators be challenged before it eroded the credibility of the football institutions.

In a sensational headline: "PSL's bid to hijack Bafana - Individuals are accused of pre-2010 greed," City Press newspaper writes as fact that Dr Khoza sat at a committee meeting that "came up with the names of prominent South Africans that the committee proposed as individuals who would serve on the new SAFA commercial committee".

This is a lie - Dr. Khoza was in Kimberly on a club commitment and had duly apologised. He was therefore neither party nor contributor to this meeting that was attended by Messrs Oliphant, Nonkonyana, Mohamed, Jordaan, Hack, Nematandani.

The leaking of the names of those nominated before they were even approached disturbed Dr Khoza.

"It is wrong that the names of those earmarked for approach were leaked. Those of them who choose not to accept because they believe they have limited knowledge or interest in football or because their plates are full could erroneously be construed by the public as their not having made the cut. It is important that people's dignities are taken into consideration by those who recklessly trade in information that they receive in confidence and privilege of office," said Dr Khoza.

As a sports editor, one would expect Dominic Chimhavi to be a buffer serving to uphold journalistic ethics. He, instead, joined in the chorus that perpetuates falsehood and downright lies.

The Joint Liaison Committee (JLC) which is a five-a-side SAFA/PSL constituted committee Chaired by the SAFA President requested that it be given the status which would make its decisions binding to both SAFA and the NSL. This request was granted by SAFA. The JLC on the strength of this decision formed a sub committee comprising Messrs Nonkonyana, Hack, Jordaan, Comitis, Madlala and Phillips to deal with amongst others the technical committee report of the Africa Cup of Nations, the report of the technical team; the report of the head of delegation; the Zimbali Indaba report. Dr Khoza expressed to the JLC his unavailability for the committee or any structure that would deal with Bafana Bafana. After deliberations the sub committee presented its proposal to the JLC that submitted to the SAFA Executive committee where a recommendation was made for a company to be formed comprising six to ten members and a CEO. The Executive approved the recommendation but delegated the right to appoint directors to the management committee of SAFA. It is pursuant to this that the PSL Executive resolved to have its Chairman draft a letter seeking clarity on the status of the JLC going forward now that the company is to be formed.

As for the statement "that the Board would have seen the chairperson of the league again taking control of the new national teams commitment", Dr Khoza expressed to the JLC his unavailability for the committee or any structure that would deal with Bafana Bafana.

"I do not normally respond to the press statements designed and intended to perpetuating malice and falsehood. Especially when football people who should know better are bent on destroying the image of their own industry. I however felt duty-bound as Chairman of the league when credible people outside of our industry are being involved," added Dr Khoza.

"I will be proposing to the PSL and SAFA that briefings are held on Monday and Friday for football to disseminate information and answer to the media to curb the reliance on leaks that are intent on misinformation of the public," Dr Khoza concluded.

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