Player Profile
Michael da Silva
Stats Position: Unkown
Height: cm
Weight: kg
Previous Clubs:
Personal Name: Michael
Nickname: Big Mike
Surname: da Silva
Age: 29
Birthday: 10 June 1985
Birth place: Johannesburg

Mike started in his role as Strength and Conditioning Coach at Swallows in June 2012 as he took on a part-time role before taking a fulltime position in January 2013. He studied Human Movement Science and Human Physiology at Wits University and finished off with an Honours Degree in Biokinetics in 2009.

As the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Club, he is responsible for all of the physical preparation of the players. This includes all aspects of fitness: Aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, co-ordination, speed, agility and power. Mike also handles gym sessions for strength and power based exercises for the players. Having studied Biokinetics, he is also involved in the rehabilitation of our injured players and he takes the warmups on matchdays.

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