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Soccer 15, also called Soccer Any 15, is a prediction game offered by TAB designed to add excitement to football holidays. It adds to an existing marketplace of comparable products such as Soccer 13, Soccer 10 and more, adding entertainment value.

In Soccer Any 15, bettors have the opportunity to earn handsome sums by accurately predicting the outcomes of 15 matches chosen from 30 game variants covering either domestic or international leagues. Here we take a detailed review of the offers, the current terms and conditions, how to play, and general advice related to this game.

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How to Play Soccer 15

Betting on Soccer Any 15 is a simple process that incorporates some aspects of other TAB games. Bettors can select matches from 30 games covering both domestic and international leagues.

The task is to select 15 games exclusively from this pool of 30. Players make forecasts for the outcome of a match played between two sides, usually labelled Team A (home team) and Team B. The possible outcomes of each fixture are as follows:

  • Victory for Team A
  • Draw
  • Victory for Team B

Players can choose either one-off or multi-ticket options. In the case of a single-use ticket, only one result is selected for each match: a win for Team A, a draw or a win for Team B. The cost of each single-use ticket is R1.

Things become even further intriguing if the ticket uses more than one variant, i.e. several possible outcomes are picked for each part of the ticket. Naturally, the desired bet increases, as different combinations are now possible. To help players understand this issue, TAB has developed a simple calculation tool as mentioned above.

Soccer Any 15 can be played at a TAB branch, and it is necessary to employ the provided betting slip while at the shop.

How to win at Soccer 15

To be successful, you must accurately predict the outcomes of 15 chosen games. When distributing prizes, preference will be given to those who have made 14 or 15 correct forecasts. If there are no leaders in these areas, the lower categories – 13, 12 and 11 right predictions – will be taken into account. Winners are divided into pools and awards are distributed as below:

  • 70% of the prize fund is for those who accurately predicted the outcome of all 15 games. This prize amount is divided equally among all players who made accurate forecasts. In case no winner among the players who predicted the 15 games accurately, this sum goes to the 70% part of the Soccer 10 pool.
  • The 30% portion of the pool is distributed among those who accurately predicted 14 of the 15 games. In case no winners in this category, the full 30% is transferred to the category of 13 or 12 right forecasts, and so on if there are still nobody winners.

Soccer Any 15 Tips

As with any other game of chance, a systematic method is necessary to have a realistic chance of winning consistently in the length of time. The tips that can be applied to this game are listed below:

  • Thorough research – There is nothing better than scrutinising the sides involved in every league and selecting the ones you are confident in. Soccer Any 15 has the advantage of offering 30 matches to select from, giving you a wide range of teams/leagues to choose from. The study must cover player injuries, upcoming matches, referee decisions and any further important news about the teams.
  • Effective betting control – It is advisable to keep to one forecast per match, as this cuts down on the amount of possible combinations and minimises your bets. The probability of winning may be small, but proper forecasts of as little as R1 can bring significant winnings!
  • Stick to known leagues and teams – Experienced bettors realise that it’s essential to stay with familiar leagues and teams, as every league has its unique features. For example, some leagues have a trend of consistently beating the home team. Knowing this kind of information is very critical.


For the latest results, you must visit the official TAB website or the Soccer 15 website. Once you have found the S15 section, go to the scores and payouts page to access the most recent results.

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It does not typically offer specific bonus or jackpot prizes. The prize distribution is based on the correct predictions made by players.

The possible outcomes for each match are Team A win, a Draw, or Team B win.

Yes, players can win prizes even if they don’t correctly predict all 15 matches. Prizes are awarded based on the number of correct predictions made.

There is no specific maximum limit on the number of entries a player can make. Players can make multiple entries according to their preference.

No, once the predictions have been submitted, they cannot be changed. It is important to review the selections carefully before confirming the entry.

Tony Ehrenreich

Tony Ehrenreich

Tony Ehrenreich is a South African Moroka Swallows fan and a seasoned betting enthusiast. His experience in social work influences his advocacy for responsible betting. Besides cheering for the Dube Birds, he reviews most sports betting sites and companies, emphasizing safe gambling practices.
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