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Over/Under betting, also known as totals betting, is a popular form of sports wagering where you as a punter don’t need to pick the winner of the game. Instead, your focus shifts to the total number of points, goals, or runs scored in a single game, regardless of who wins or loses. In essence, it’s a bet on the offensive prowess versus defensive resilience of the teams in question.

The Concept of Over/Under Betting

Over/Under is quite straightforward and an exciting way to engage with a sports event, especially if you’re neutral and more interested in the flow and pace of the game than the ultimate result.

Here’s how it works:

Suppose we have an upcoming Premier Soccer League (PSL) match between Moroka Swallows and Kaizer Chiefs. The bookmaker might set the Over/Under line at 2.5 goals for this game. If you decide to bet on the “Over,” you’re predicting that the total goals scored by both teams will be three or more. If you choose to bet on the “Under,” you’re wagering that the combined goal tally will be two or less.

Importantly, the final result of the match does not affect the outcome of an Over/Under bet. Whether Moroka Swallows wins or Kaizer Chiefs triumphs, or even if the game ends in a draw, your bet is only concerned with the total number of goals scored.

Here is the table with popular Over / Under types and bets that would qualify to win

SportOver/Under LineBet: OverBet: Under
Football2.5 goalsYou win if 3 or more goals are scoredYou win if 2 or fewer goals are scored
Basketball220.5 pointsYou win if total points scored are 221 or moreYou win if total points scored are 220 or fewer
Baseball8.5 runsYou win if 9 or more runs are scoredYou win if 8 or fewer runs are scored
Rugby40.5 pointsYou win if total points scored are 41 or moreYou win if total points scored are 40 or fewer
Cricket300.5 runsYou win if total runs scored are 301 or moreYou win if total runs scored are 300 or fewer

Remember, these are just examples – the actual Over/Under lines will vary from game to game, and will be set by the bookmaker.

Setting the Line: The Over/Under Benchmark

The Over/Under line, that critical number you’re betting will be exceeded or not reached, isn’t plucked out of thin air. Bookmakers use a combination of historical data, team form, player injuries, and even environmental conditions to determine this benchmark.

The aim of the bookmaker is to set a line that encourages equal action on both sides. By doing so, they can ensure a profit regardless of the outcome, thanks to the vigorish, or the commission they charge for taking bets.

For example, if the Moroka Swallows have been on a goal-scoring spree in their recent games, and the Kaizer Chiefs have a weakened defence, the bookmaker might set a higher Over/Under line. Conversely, if both teams have demonstrated strong defence and low-scoring games, the line might be set lower.

Decimal Lines: Ensuring a Clear Outcome

You might be wondering why Over/Under lines often feature a half-point (like 2.5 goals). This is a clever strategy employed by bookmakers to avoid a situation called a “Push.” A push occurs when the final scoreline exactly matches the set line, leading to all bets being returned to the punters.

By setting the line at a decimal, like 2.5, a push is impossible. After all, you can’t score half a goal in football! This means the outcome of your bet is always clear-cut. You either win, or you lose, adding to the thrill and suspense of Over/Under betting.

Strategies for Over/Under Betting

As with any form of betting, having a clear strategy and approach to Over/Under stakes can greatly improve your chances of success. Here are some key strategies to consider:

Research is The Foundation of Success

Knowledge is power, and in the world of sports betting, it’s the difference between a win and a loss. Successful Over/Under betting requires a thorough understanding of the game, the teams involved, and the wider context.

Always consider factors like team form, head-to-head statistics, and injury news. For example, if Orlando Pirates’ top striker is injured, they might be less likely to rack up a high score, affecting the Over/Under.

Weather conditions can also play a significant role, particularly in outdoor sports. For instance, a rainy day could lead to a low-scoring rugby match due to handling errors and a slower pace of play.

Different Sports, Different Factors

The factors influencing Over/Under lines can vary dramatically depending on the sport. For example, in football, the defensive strength of a team can significantly influence the number of goals scored in a match.

In contrast, in basketball, where high scores are the norm, it’s important to consider the pace of play. Teams with a fast, aggressive style may contribute to a high-scoring game, making the ‘over’ a more attractive bet.

Risk Management

Gambling should always be a fun activity, and managing your risk is crucial to keeping it that way. This means setting a budget and sticking to it, not chasing losses if you have a bad day, and being disciplined in your approach.

Pros and Cons

Over/Under betting has its unique advantages and disadvantages, and understanding these can help you make an informed decision about whether this type of betting is right for you.


Over/Under bets can be a less risky proposition than other types of bets, as you’re not required to pick a winner. Regardless of who triumphs on the field or court, your concern is purely with the points, goals, or runs tally.

Another advantage is that it can add an extra layer of excitement to a game, even if the result seems already decided. If you’ve bet on a high Over/Under line, you’ll be cheering for every goal or point, right until the final whistle.


Despite these advantages, there are also downsides to consider. Over/Under bets can be heavily influenced by unpredictable factors, such as sudden injuries during a game or unexpected changes in weather conditions.

Moreover, bookmakers have access to a vast amount of data and employ experts to set their lines, which can make it challenging to find value. This is where your research and understanding of the sport can give you an edge.

Ultimately, Over/Under betting is a fun and engaging way to add a different dimension to your sports viewing experience. With knowledge, strategy, and a sensible approach to risk, you can enjoy this popular form of sports betting and potentially make some successful wagers.

Over/Under Variations

Just as there are different sports and events to bet on, there are also different ways to place Over/Under wagers. Here are some of the most common variations:

Quarter/Half Betting

In sports that are divided into distinct periods of play, such as basketball or football, you can make Over or Under bets on just a part of the game. This could be a quarter or half. This allows you to focus on shorter-term trends and patterns, such as a basketball team that often scores heavily in the third quarter, or a football team known for its second-half comebacks.

Team Totals

Another variation of Over/Under staking is focusing on the total score of a specific team, rather than the combined total of both teams. For instance, you could bet on whether the Springboks will score over or under 30 points in a rugby match. This approach can be useful when you have a strong sense of one team’s performance, irrespective of their opposition.

Season Totals

For the true long-term bettors, you can also bet on Over/Under lines for a team’s total wins or losses over a season. For example, you might bet on whether Kaizer Chiefs will win over or under 15 games in the PSL season. This type of bet requires a good understanding of a team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the quality of their competition.


To sum it up, over / under is a widely embraced form of sports wagering with its own unique set of advantages and considerations. Understanding the game’s dynamics, the teams involved, and the factors that might affect the total points scored is crucial to making successful Over/Under bets. With knowledge, patience, and a bit of luck, it can be a fun way to enhance your sports viewing experience. Whether you’re a fan of the Moroka Swallows or any other Premier Soccer League team, we wish you the best of luck. Enjoy the games, South Africa!

While our focus here is on “Over/Under” betting, it’s worth noting that other betting strategies can also yield rewarding results. “Correct Score” betting, for example, allows for precise scoreline predictions. Alternatively, “Goalscorer” betting is a fun way to place bets on individual players. If you’re curious about betting on either the half-time result, the full-time result, or both, check out our “HT/FT” betting guide. Finally, our “Double Chance” betting guide provides insight into how you can cover two outcomes in a single bet.

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