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As we step further into the innovative world of online sports betting, there is one feature that has caught the attention of many punters – the Cash Out option. This feature, initially an innovation, has now become a standard offering across most online bookmakers, particularly in South Africa. But what exactly is it, and how does it revolutionize the betting experience? Let’s delve into this interesting concept and see how it has become an indispensable tool for modern punters.

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Understanding Cash Out in Online Betting

It is a feature that allows punters to settle their bets before all selections within the wager have been completed. This means that if you’ve placed a bet and things are looking up, you can opt to ‘Cash Out’ and take an early payout based on the current odds and status of your bet. This feature essentially provides bettors with a safety net, allowing them to secure a return and eliminate the risk of a late game change spoiling their wager.

For instance, if you’ve bet on a football team to win, and they’re leading with 15 minutes left, but the opponent is pressuring heavily, you could use this feature to lock in a profit, regardless of the game’s outcome.

How Is It Calculated?

The cash out value is calculated based on the original odds of your bet, the stake you placed, and the current odds at the time of cashing out. If your selection is looking likely to win, the cash out offer will be greater than your original stake but less than your potential winnings. On the other hand, if your selection isn’t doing well, the withdrawal value will be less than your initial stake, providing an opportunity to reclaim part of your wager.

The Mechanics

Partial Cash Out

There’s a twist in the Cash Out feature known as Partial Cash Out. This allows you to take out a portion of your winnings early while leaving the rest of your bet to run its course. For instance, if you’ve bet $100 on a match, and midway through, your bet is worth $150, you could choose to partially withdraw $50. This way, you’ve secured half of your potential profit, regardless of the result, while the remaining $100 is still active in the bet.

Auto Cash Out

Another variant is Auto Cash Out. This option lets you set a specific value at which your bet will automatically withdrawn. If your cash-out value reaches this set amount, the bet will be automatically withdrawn, securing the profit without the need for you to be actively monitoring the bet. This is particularly useful if you’re unable to watch the game or track your bet constantly.

Features of Top Betting Sites with Cash Out 

Let’s explore the top online betting sites with cash-out options in South Africa, providing you with a detailed review and a comparative table of their features.

Betting SitePrematch & In-PlaySingles & MultibetsEarly Cash Out

Short Review of Betting Sites with Cash Out

  • Hollywoodbets has some limitations in Cash Out feature, despite being one of the biggest betting companies in South Africa. The feature is only applicable to multibets, not singles, and only becomes available after at least one leg of your multi bet has concluded. There is no option to withdraw money before a match or retrieve your money back, making it a less flexible option for punters.
  • stands out by offering this feature on both pre-match and live sports for both singles and multibets across a variety of sports. They also offer a Partial withdrawal, allowing you to take out a portion of your winnings while keeping the rest of your bet in play. However, the site does not offer free early cash-out.
  • Gbets offers a comprehensive tool with the added bonus of Partial Cash Out, letting you take an early payout from a bet while still leaving the rest of your money to ride. They do charge a small 5% fee for Early Cash Out, but it offers a convenient solution for those sudden changes of mind.
  • Supabets have offers for both pre-match and in-play events on both singles and multibets. However, the Cash Out feature is only available when all selections are winning, and the feature does not apply to all live events. There is no early cash-out option, which might limit its appeal to some punters.
  • PalaceBet offers a robust Cash Out feature, available on Pre-Match and In-Play single and multibets across a variety of sports. They also offer Full or Partial Cash Out, providing more flexibility to the punters. However, similar to others, they do not offer a free early cash-out.

Best Sports for Cash Out Betting

Although the Cash Out attribute is universally applicable across various sports, specific games prove more favourable due to their intrinsic gaming patterns and scoring dynamics. Here’s an exploration of optimal sports for Cash Out wagering, simplified for the betting enthusiast:

  • American Football, with its nature of unpredictability, sets the stage for successful Cash Out. Dramatic game shifts open avenues for either safeguarding profits or mitigating losses. This is particularly true when your team maintains the lead, while the adversaries are progressively posing a challenge.
  • Soccer is marked by its swift momentum fluctuations. The Cash Out feature shines here, especially when a leading team’s control over the game seems to wane, indicating a potential comeback or victory for the trailing team.
  • Basketball contests, known for their high-scoring nature and frequent leadership alterations, make a perfect environment for Cash Out wagering. This enables punters to solidify gains during their team’s ascendency or curb losses when the scales seem to tip unfavourably.
  • Tennis matches, where each game, set, or even point could alter the match’s entire course, offer an excellent opportunity. This feature becomes a priceless asset, enabling punters to respond instantaneously to these rapid game shifts.

Pros and Cons

Like any betting strategy, using the Cash Out feature comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Risk Management: the Tool provides an exceptional way to manage risk, allowing you to secure profits or minimize losses in response to changing circumstances.
  2. Flexibility: With this feature, you’re not stuck waiting for the outcome. You can respond to changes as they happen.
  3. Emotional Comfort: Cash-out can provide emotional comfort by ensuring some return, especially when the result looks uncertain.


  1. Lower Potential Profits: When you withdraw money from a game, you are agreeing to a lower potential profit than if you had left the bet in place.
  2. Possible Regret: If the original bet had won, cash-out early can lead to regret.
  3. Availability: Not all bets or sports offer the option to Cash Out, and the feature’s availability can change throughout the match.

Deciding When to Cash Out Wagers

Deciding when to Cash Out requires a keen understanding of the game, your bet, and the betting odds. Consider the current state of play, the potential profit or loss, and your confidence in the remaining outcomes. Withdrawing from a game should be a strategic decision and not a panic reaction. Remember, while it can provide a safety net, it also means accepting a lower return. So, use this feature wisely to make the most of your betting experience.

Early Cashouts vs Hedging Your Bets

Cash out and Hedging are two popular strategies used by punters to manage risk in sports wagering. While both methods provide ways to secure profits or cut losses, they operate differently and suit different situations.

Hedging in betting involves placing a new bet that is opposite to your original bet. This is done to either lock in a guaranteed profit, regardless of the outcome, or to reduce potential losses. For example, if you’ve placed a bet on a team to win a match, and they’re leading at half-time, you might hedge your bet by placing a new bet on the other team to win. This way, you’re covered no matter the outcome.

Which Approach Is More Advantageous?

The choice between Cash Out and hedging depends on various factors, including the available odds, the stake size, the time left in the match, and the particular bookmaker’s Cash Out offer.

Cash Out is more straightforward and often quicker as it involves a single click to secure your current winnings or cut your losses. However, the Cash Out amount offered by the bookmaker may be less than the potential return from hedging, especially if the odds have moved significantly in your favour.

Hedging, on the other hand, can offer higher returns but involves more risk and requires more effort and understanding of the betting market. You’ll need to calculate the correct stake for your hedge bet to ensure you lock in a profit or minimize losses.

Effective Strategies

While this valuable tool provides a new avenue for securing profits or minimizing losses, it’s important to approach it strategically to maximize its benefits. Here are some strategies to consider:

Utilizing Other Online Betting Features

Many online betting platforms offer features like in-play betting, which can complement the Cash Out feature. By keeping an eye on the live odds and understanding the flow of the game, you can make more informed decisions about when to withdraw your bet.

Mindset: Overcoming the Temptation to Cash Out

One of the greatest challenges is resisting the temptation to cash out too early. Remember, withdrawing often offers less return than if you were to let the bet run its course. It’s important to use this method strategically, not reactively, and not to withdraw funds just because of fear or anxiety.

Embracing Cashout as a Tool to Rectify Mistakes

Every punter makes betting mistakes, but Cash Out provides a unique opportunity to rectify them. If you realize you’ve placed a bet based on incorrect information or poor judgment, you can use this tool to reclaim some of your stake before the event even starts. This way, it can serve as a safety net, helping you to manage your losses.


Not all sports or markets support the Cash Out feature. The availability of cash-out often depends on the bookmaker and the particular event or market. Check the specific terms and conditions of your chosen betting site.

The feature may not always be available for various reasons. The game’s dynamics, odds fluctuations, or a suspended market could temporarily remove this option. It’s always advisable to check the policy of your betting site.

Yes, if you Cash Out for less than your original stake, you will still make a loss. The purpose is to minimize losses when things are not going your way or to lock in a profit if your bet is winning, but you’re uncertain about the final result.

Full Cash Out lets you end your bet entirely, while partial allows you to take a portion of your current offer while leaving the rest of your stake on the original bet.

The value is calculated based on the current odds, stakes, and potential winnings of your bet. If the likelihood of your bet winning is high, the value will be closer to your potential winnings. If your bet is likely to lose, the Cash Out value will be significantly less.


Cash Out has brought a new dynamic to the world of online sports wagering. It’s a great feature that offers bettors more control over their chances, enabling them to secure profits early or minimize losses when things aren’t going as planned.

From our comprehensive review, we found some of the most competitive cash-out features in the market. However, the best site for you will depend on your personal preferences and betting strategy.

Fit the cash-out feature into your betting strategy and see how it can transform your betting outcomes. Embrace it as a tool for risk management and remember that patience and informed decision-making are key to making the most out of your wagers.

Tony Ehrenreich

Tony Ehrenreich

Tony Ehrenreich is a South African Moroka Swallows fan and a seasoned betting enthusiast. His experience in social work influences his advocacy for responsible betting. Besides cheering for the Dube Birds, he reviews most sports betting sites and companies, emphasizing safe gambling practices.
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